[Archive] Mordheim Warband(1)


Hello, i present you my converted warband ( Oldhammer.es: Enanos del Caos para Mordheim ):

4 heroes:

3 warriors and a hobgoblin:

and 2 blunderbuss:

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage



Quite nice!

I’m eager to see them finished and painted!

Btw. here is my Mordheim Warband!



Thats a nice war band, like the conversions you did there;)


I especially like your take on the hobgoblin! I do think the tail of that bullcentaur should be less horse-like though.

:hat off


I love those guns you made. Reminds me of an automatic shotgun.

Ben Saunders:

Nice work. I hope we’ll get to see them painted soon.