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How do. This is my first foray into Chaos Dwarfs (or indeed, Dwarfs of any kind; I hate mainstream Dwarfs with the kind of passion that the tusked cousins are famous for), and also into GS work, aside from a few scattered failures here and there. The warband doesn’t really fit with the Black Dwarfs rules from BTB, because I’ve based it on a short story I wrote. Regardless, C&C welcome;

Group Shot

Most of the parts come from the Dwarf Thunderers, Warriors or Artillery plastic kits, with noses supplied by resentful Gnoblars.

Just to point out about my naming convention and lore; Kurgan’s lads are from the Hatespire, a district in Zharr-Naggrund controlled by a cabal of sorcerors. I’m a big fan of Baggronor’s ‘ownership theory’ (also his work in WoH), and have decided that the rulers/owners of the Hatespire and it’s inhabitants have decreed that a newborn’s name must include both parents’ surnames - the mother’s name preceeded with ‘Al-’ (if child is male) or ‘Ar-’ (if child is female) - in an attempt to stamp out incest. Or, probably more accurately, suggest that all other districts are unable to control their residents and are bred from incestuous couples while the Hatespirians are the only ones able to show their entire family history.

The leader of the warband, Kurgan Blackthirst Al-Akar (right) - Harvester for the Hatespire, Dawi Ascendant and holder of the Third Quarter of the Truth of the Dawi Zharr. A pompous slaver of little import who has collected several worthless titles with which to impress the slave races. On the left, his daughter Korona Blackthirst Ar-Elza, interrogator of captives and a right sadistic cow. (Korona is throwing a hookshot, by the way; a chain with a hook on the end that she presumably took from some filthy elven midget)

(l-r) ‘Toothless’ Znerri Vashtar Al-Faraz, senile alcoholic barely trusted to watch the slaves; turbaned Aris, unrepentant foreigner from a far-flung district of the city and more accountant than dwarf; Barakuz Firespit Al-Horgas, chief lieutenant of Kurgan who sports a metal grill in place of a mouth or nose.

(l-r) ‘Slave’/‘Greenskin’/‘Wretch’, a pack gnoblar; Korris Thirstquench, a meek and irredeemably stupid outsider tricked into becoming Kurgan’s son-in-law; Hurz Grimblade Al-Nuali, a damn fine shot with a crude bionic eye.

I shall hopefully post more when I’ve got them based and painted. I’m still working on a couple of this - namely wrestling with the concept of giving Kurgan a big hat (I’m a fan of these on important models, but I also would like to highlight the fact that he’s bald, so I may have it carried by a gnoblar), and trying to make my gnoblars look more Chaos Dwarf-y.


Cool! Neat fluff, fun conversions. Mordheim is good for that kind of thing, for sure. Which warband rules do you plan to use for them?


pretty, characterful, what more can you ask for in a warband?


Very nice I love the leaders axe, the gnoblar noses work perfectly.


They look great, I’m also impressed by the naming lore you’ve created for them, very nice.

I too am going to be playing mordheim with a chaos dwarf rules set, only problem is that I’m not sure which one to go for, so I’d be interested to here your thoughts on the matter.



Nice work, your green stuff shows real promise so I look forward to seeing more of your work in the future. One question, wouldn’t those names start getting a tad long after a few generations?


Cheers for the responses guys. I still haven’t decided on the rules - I figure I’ll just use the BTB Black Dwarf rules with a few edits (ignore leader’s magic abilities, swap Centaur for another Gaoler, change Informers to WS/BS2) that will nerf them a little; I’m not up for play-testing a new set so I can hardly add any special rules of my own.

One question, wouldn’t those names start getting a tad long after a few generations?

I had figured they’d use the father’s surname and mother’s first name (so Kurgan Blackthirst Al-Akar’s son with Elza Ironfist Ar-Eskil would have the surname 'Blackthirst Al-Elza) without reference to their grandparents… but now that you mention it, long names (along with twirling moustaches) are totally what my Chaos Dwarfs are all about :hat off


Those are really characterfull! I am very taken with the Chaos Dwarf accountant… something about the idea of him calmly ticking things off on the clipboard while everyone else is fighting really tickles my sense of humour :slight_smile:

Maybe I ought to try a Mordheim warband, since I am a bit stalled with my attempts at a full on fighting force :slight_smile: Can’t wait to see more