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Auretious Taak:

Who plays this (Mordheim), argueably GW’s Finest game around?

I couldn’t find anywhere to plonk this thread as there is no real Other games section around, or did I miss that too?

Further how long, what warbands, best moment, et al. have you been playing, all the standard questions.

Oh, and do any of you use the SG Mordheim Forums? I’ve used them to some renown under an alternate user name (ask for Ram there to the real veterans, they’ll know who) since the old separate SG Forums.

Auretious Taak.


I have an Undead warband, mostly conversions. I was working for GW when the game was released and converted pretty much everything I used.

I’ve not had chance to play it in years though…


I played a handful of games when i worked at GW Newcastle, keep meaning to run a short campaign at the games night i go to, but it always gets put on the back burner for something else.

I liked reiklanders for the extra bs on their marksmen, and i have a witch hunters warband which is my personal favourite, i like the crazy zealot model with the puppet!


I Played avidly with Averlanders, Middenheimers, Marienburgers, and Carnival of Chaos for a long time… The local store has an AWESOME 4’x6’ board of buildings with a comet crash in the middle of it with ruined building in the wake… even had a sewer side board 1’x4’. Me and the other 5 players didnt play for a few weeks and the owner sold the board to some guy for $300… Playing wasn’t the same afterward. And the game died locally… I think if my plans go well it will make a comeback though.


Well I have played a Skaven & CD warband :slight_smile:

- When I played with my Skaven warband - I was in a campaign called: rescure from below, and I was to rescure my grey seer from the “evil” empire Sigmar priest and his warband. I lost a Rat Ogre, but my assassin strike the Sigmar priest with his blade and “the ball was on my side of the tabel” most of his men were felling into hide.

Hashut’s Blessing:

My Dark dwarfs (they’re Chaos Dwarfs, but the Mordheim rules has the warband as Dwark Dwarfs) have had a few battles, but we got a little muddled as we were learning the rules, I creamed Sousonou (TWICE!) and left for uni. Mayhaps we’ll start up a campaign with new lists…


2 years ago played in a Mordheim competition (first time played a GW game). My army was the carnival of chaos (though didn’t use Nurgle’s Rot since thats kinda cheap for campaigns).

in the last battle my plaguecart got charged by the beastmen warleader person. He hit my plaguecart, destoryed the wheel and I failed the destoryed save. The beastmen hit the plaguecart with enough force that it launched back through my warband. My carnival master (havingthe ability to wear armour) held up his shield and made the armour save as the plague cart landed on top of him :smiley:


Its funny Mordeheim is coming up… we need an article for Mordheim for the WoH… :slight_smile:


Recently got into Mordheim and love it. check out Border Town Burning for some kool stuff.

Right now Im working on Chaos Marauders and a Black Dwarf warband.


Cool you got two weeks to get them done, play a game, photograph them write narrative and get them in for the WoH… :wink:

Auretious Taak:

Its funny Mordeheim is coming up... we need an article for Mordheim for the WoH.... :)

To be honest didn't like the Dark dwarfs List,r ead through it once, it didn't strike my fancy and some of it seemed unbalanced IIRC. For those who have read the SG-Forums since 2005, my main allias online is Ram Rock Ed First, but for issues relating to another forum that may link here and may not - they are mostly 40k players but still soem are good aome are twats, I would prefer to be addressed by my chosen CDO username of Auretious Taak, but either will do and stuff the other foruma s you guys rule so much more! :D Anyways, my main username is Ram Rock Ed First and in the SG Mordheim Community you will find amongst the veterans of that community that i am well known there. I've been one of the main creators of the Snotling Warband, and we really just need a little more playtesting of that before we publish it in the Letters of the Damned Mordheim E-Zine, played an infamous 3 elf shadow elf warband for quite some time and am exceedingly good at playing small warband; Orcs, Possessed, Skaven, Witch Hunters, Pit Fighters, all sorts of warbands, quite a heck of alot of playing actually. Oh first edition Beastmen where they had 2 wounds and T 4 as base and no centigor - when you hita dozen games and all the heroes have 4 wounds and toughness 5 then yous tart laughing at the black powder mexican style reiklanders arrayed against you. Man but that's a cooly converted warband. Oh and several things like the Ye Olde World Amazing race which still isn't completed et al but hey it's a bugger load of text.

For The WoH, what kind of articles would you be looking for? And I'd do one but have 2 weeks till final exams for the eyar are over at uni so no time. Maybe a themed small story campaign article for you lads, doesn't even have to be CD's in the first installment, a shiny story a game report and an aftermath story et al also would possibly work well to tie in to a Dark Dwarf assault/capture/something. I'm sure we could figure something out. Just send me a PM on thoughts and I can write something but not till after these exams - so either wait an extra week or two for The WoH or wait till the next issue after that. :) But definietely can do a 3 issue or 4 issue article base easy. :)

I have revision for finals to do, so toodley pips,

Auretious Taak.

P.S. have a look at the bat reps here, this was one of the best campaigns I have ever played in, it is locked to non-campaigners so only can you vew it, but I am Faerus (for the Possessed Band) and also the Skaven, can't remember the names now but it is obvious reading it all:



Basically I’d be looking for a turn by turn battle report along the lines of a regular WFB Battle Report, with a good amount of photos, good terrain, illustrations, what have you.

Auretious Taak:

Basically I'd be looking for a turn by turn battle report along the lines of a regular WFB Battle Report, with a good amount of  photos, good terrain, illustrations, what have you.

I should be able to organise that so long as I was able to find a digital camera. However, it wouldn't initially have a Chaos Dwarf Warband involved, it might be say a 3 game based story based campaign, maybe just a single Chaos Dwarf Character witha bunch of Slaves, not sure, but it could work. Remind me again in about 9 days as I'll be done my exams then and be able to think about it and get something sorted.

Auretious Taak.


Hey Ram/Taak!!!

I can confirm Ram’s senior status amongst the forums (he referred me to here), although they (the forums for specialist games) haven’t been working for me in the past six months.

I play Skaven, Beastmen, Orcs, and whatever happens to take my fancy at the time. But mostly those three.

Auretious Taak:

Hey Alex!

Your task is to remind me of this as I may be busy with stuff and forget, my mind is all over the shop at the moment with the last exam in 2 days time and gah! Also, with this as a possibility:


You sir may well have to come to Cancon 2009 in Canberra for the Australia Day Long Weekend and awesome awesome awesomeness! And bring your brother so I can swarm him in almost 800 models.

To this thread, and a mordheim article for the WoH, I believe we can get something inetresting done up fairly fast, I’m thinking of a 2-3 game story based mini-campaign using some of our more enjoyable warbands and a slave raid/escape/kill the CD’s kind of thing as the 3 games. I discovered in the old WHFB Magic boxed set my brother found along with Dark Millenium for 40k all these funky spell templates so a Sorcerer Dramatis Personnae may also pop into the picture. But we’ll see.

Anyways bed calls,

Auretious Taak.


So my job is to encourage your Chaos Dwarves Mordheim warband’s completion?

I may be able to hassle my ex-warhammerer buddy to sell you his hellcannon crew? :stuck_out_tongue: Or sell them to me…


Maybe we shoot for getting it in issue #4.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

What’s the game all about anyway? I see some Kool parts on the GW web-site, but don’t know much about the game itself.

Auretious Taak:

So my job is to encourage your Chaos Dwarves Mordheim warband's completion?

I may be able to hassle my ex-warhammerer buddy to sell you his hellcannon crew? :P Or sell them to me...

If you can, then yes, I would be greatly awesome to you, though don't have paypal or whatever, you buy em I trade you something via post or whatnot. :)

To Willmark, yeah we can aim for Issue #4, I have an idea how we can do it.

Tarrack, Mordheim is a skirmish warhammer game witha campaign element and much more character and fun. The Specialist Games forums are down and the vast resources that were available are gone but the main online living rulebook is still available for download from here:

Mordheim Resources Download

You want the rule book part 1, 2 and 3 - all 3 parts make up the complete rules. The Errata is also needed. The roster and playsheet are also needed. The 2002 Annual you have to buy and it appears Empire in Flames is now not selling but is only available as a download.

Look into it, 3-20 models max a side and you are set. :)

Auretious Taak.

P.S. When you hit the point of feeling genuine sorrow that your chunk of painted molded metal has finally been killed in battle, you will understand just how awesome this is compared to WHFB! :D



Another parallel is that Mordehiem is what Necromunda is to Warhammer 40k. Not quite the same idea, but the sentiment is there.