[Archive] Mordor Orks for Hobgoblins?


Has anyone looked into this? Im compiling some ideas for a CD army I want to start. It will be a northern/Kislev-ish/winter theme and i wanted the hobgoblins to have a more…shall I say military less tribal feel to them and I thought the Mordor orks would fit the bill along with the Mordor bolt thrower…Just some thoughts on those…

And on a side note I want to use the Scribor CD models for annihaltors sticking with the russian/winter theme… anyways… any thoughts on the hobos is appriciated…

Groznit Goregut:

Hmmm…I wonder? Are they a newer model or older model? I know that the newer ones are more towards the 28mm than the original 25mm ones.

Here’s some pics:

I guess they could work. I tend to like mine like the GW ones and not as realistic. If you don’t like that style, you probably could use these easy enough.


Just for clarification I was thinking the Mordor orks or these…


I think you pulled up the Morannon orks here…



I don’t know about anyone else, but I use Uruk-Hai, given the diminutive size and thin frame of the Orcs and Uruks I feel the armored bodies tend to make them seem less helpless

But Morannon Orcs are better as a choice, the Feral Uruks in the Isengard range though, at least to me look like quite good proxies for Tribal Sneaky Gits

Also mixing in some Mordor Orcs with the Morannon ones is good as then you can stick Warg Riders in as Hobgoblin Wolf Riders without them looking slightly out of place. Add in Assault Ballistas, they make beautiful Spear Throwers


Thanks for the advice Murdock!  I was planning on useing the seige Bows instead of the Assult Balitas anyways and Ive always liked the warg riders so I think I may do that … Thanks for the advice!  

So any thoughts on how to work Rhinoxs into a CD army?


Well are you talking about Bull Rhinoxen, or regular Rhinox? If they were regular ones then they could work well in a similar way to in Ogre Kingdoms and pull War Machines, like having a pair with some rather large machinery attached, using them as a counts as Iron Daemon

A Bull Rhinoxen would work rather well as a mount for a Sorcerer, add on a Howdah with several hobgoblin slaves or some other Chaos Dwarfs controlling it, with either bows or Blunderbusses, and have teh Sorcerer on a Throne, like a Chaos Dwarf equivilent to the Ancient Stegadon with an Engine of the Gods. Possibly giving it wings as if it was blessed by Hashut or bred with them. Balrog wings may work well here. If your good at converting then instead of a mutated or regular Rhinox then a mechanical one in the style of a Mechanical steed crossed with a Juggernaut of Khorne would work


Thanks again Murlock! Awsome Ideas…I will admit you really have me going now with the idea of a rhinox driven train I could have 4-6 pulling a twin cannon carrige. (oh and I meant regular Rhinox, particularly the old metal ones vs. the new plastic ones… Then I could go about building my own themed CD train… I cant tell you how wanoderful an idea that was thanks again! I hope to start on this army soon! Thanks again!


Your welcome, I love coming up with ideas to help people design conversions and new modelling and army ideas, even if I’m a useless at converting myself, I’m good with ideas if nothing else XD