[Archive] More Bighat sale



Last sale left a couple dudes over.

Couple rules.

1st. first come first serve.

2nd.Each winner must pay within a couple hours of me sending the paypal info. If not I move on to the next person who wants them.

First PM in Wins each lot. Paypal Only

Models for sale. Shipping will be flat $5 for USA residents, $12 Rest of the world. (no Shipping number for international bidders, impossible to track without huge fees.)

I will combine shipping, add $2 USD for every lot after the first as supplemental shipping weight

The following are all Metal

(a) 15 Chaos Dwarfs with including Command (painted) $60 USD

(b) 6 Bull centaurs with standard (painted) $50 USD

(c) 5 Hobgoblin Wolf Renders (painted) $45 USD

Chaos dwarfs

Bull Centaurs

Wolf Riders

Thanks again fellas


I’ll take the 15 warriors. I can pay on Sunday night, which I know violates your rules… I’m going away this weekend and will have no internet. Definitely want those warriors though.


Pm send

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Singleton Mosby:

PM sent.

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Bull centaurs are gone, one bidder has the option, and another next.

If both fall through, i will let everyone know.

Warriors and hobgobs left.

Buy now these long OPP models for what the new goldswords would cost

in todays world GW!!



I Would like to buy those 15 chaos dwarf warriors.

PM send,

Kind regards,



Chaos dwarfs and bull centaurs gone.

Hobgoblins left for anyone who wants them.