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Good stuff form GT Baltimore.

Also, on the CD in that same thread.

All he said about them was that fans of them would be pleased, but that they weren’t quite on the radar. When he said something was on the radar, he used it in context to describe Dark Elves, Dark Eldar, Necrons, and Vampire COunts. This may mean that they are in very early concept stages/ being bandied about in the very very early stages of development or something
All those armies are due in the next year, so looks like 2009 is pretty much right.


I will add this to my rumour compilation thread.


wow so high elves, orks, vamps, ruinous powers, daemons of chaos, dark elfs, dark eldar/or necrons then somthing fantasy, the daark eldar/necrons

that blank spot is going to bug me

but overall it sounds good