[Archive] Morr's first Chaos Doorfs


Dear Comrades,

Good morning, Afternoon Evening or Night, whichever the case may be. This is my very first post on Your good forum and I come both Humbled by the great work you have shown here, and anxious to see more.

Now, my story sounds like a tired re-run, for I have read quite a few introduction posts here that mimic my experience to the detail… I was just browsing along the series of tubes, as they say, (Particularly the You-Tubes), when I happened upon Xanders wonderful Conversion Guide for the BOSP package. I just happened to have one of the Old Dwarf models within reach of my desk, so I begun playing along the Tutorial, sculpting and gluing pieces into a twisted little Chaosling.

My sculpting skills are amateur at best, so when I actually managed to produce a believable figurine I was absolutely thrilled… Although still not finished, I enjoyed doing the conversion so much I immediately rung up the local hobby shop and inquired on if they happened to have any of the Skull Pass packages in stock. They of course did, and as luck would have it, They were on sale.

So, I guess I have my work cut out for me over the Holidays… If my dorfs turn out half as good as from the ones I’ve seen posted around here, I’ll be thrilled :]

There are a few things I need to get sorted out however…

First I’ll need to make myself a comprehensive Army list… I’ll have to brush up on the rules for that and get acquainted with the CD lists.

I also need to figure out something about the Colour scheme.

I want to pain the army in a rather unique scheme when it comes to the CD’s, But I’m only mildly familiar with the fluff. I know that the Chaos Dwarfs worship Hashut, But do they outright reject the other four aspects? Is Hashut personified as a single entity apart from the other chaos influences, or is he perhaps just another aspect of the Undivided chaos force?

I know they do not take marks or receive blessings (Other than perhaps special characters) But I’ve been toying with the idea of sculpting out the army in a Nurgle theme…

I don’t know… There’s something about Nurgle worshiping Dwarfs that just tickles my funny bones.

This suggestion might be pure blasphemy to some of the more hardcore lore-fans though, so if you care to give me a quick lesson on the pantheon, go right ahead and rant away.

Once (if) completed, it will be my second full army, The other being a 3000-4000 Pt. Mortal Khornate force (Horribly Painted, Worse assembled.) I tend to show severe signs of ‘OC’, Or Over-Converting… I always enjoy adding yet another layer of greenstuff with skulls and spikes and more heads and so on… By the end of the process a normal looking warrior ends up looking like a mountain of flesh and skulls…

Anyway, Here is the little guy I made last night:

I’ve yet to glue the Right arm, base and cloak to the Model, preferring to do that after I’ve base painted him. The Horns were and afterthought I somewhat don’t know if I regret. He looked bare without them, and weird with 'em. The Right gauntlet and weapon are a piece of a Chaos Knight, the Horns made from pieces of a Dark-Elf Banner. The back of the Helm is a Space Marine Shoulder.

I also fiddled a bit with scraps and leftovers and made this wacky Bolt Thrower… Looks rickety and like its about to fall apart, but then I suppose that’s what you get with gobbo engineering.

Anyways. Penny for your thoughts and Dance at your wedding for criticism.


Hey, pretty good! I like them. Cheap way to make a bolt thrower.


i think the dwarf is looking pretty good. a nurgle theme could work, given a unique backround, and your model would fit fine with it i think. you could say their faces are hidden by masks to hide horrible scars and boils on them, and then instead of lore of fire have your mages use lore of death, lore of metal, and lore of shadow. always good to see another nurgle enthusiest, we be short in numbers, and you now apparently in stature!:hat off

Kera foehunter:

great job i like your chaos dwarf warrior the helmet and horns are sweet. the bolt thower is a great idea too


Welcome to the forum! You’ll love it here, we all do :wink:

Great take on the CDs there dude! Bit if advice thou… You are going to need LOT of shoulder pads if you are going to make your helmets that way.


I like the no-nonsense bolt thrower. You’ll probably need to make a simple greenstuff mold if you want loadsa shoulder pad helmets.


Great stuff hes a bighead rather than bighat.I like your idea of nurgle flavour they are chaos effected dwarfs just create decent fluff somebody already going that way with theres somewhere on site,keep it up heres a slave to help paint those prototypes:hat


I really like that dwarf, the front shoulder pad looks abit like a visor, good start, i kinda prefer it to mine:( might hav to ‘incorperate’ (steal) some ideas. Theres nothing wrong with over converting


Well, roughly 16 days later and allthough I’ve been ruthelessly shifting from work to playing video-games I actually managed to throw a few hours of Mineature work in the mix.

The grand total of finished sculpted Dwarfs is now 11 and one Hobgoblin Balista (Minus a crew)… I’m quite looking forward to painting these guys though I’m constantly changing thoughts on the scheme. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Now, Lets have a look-see.

Here’s the Balista with two boring unconverted gobbo crewmen. There’s also a small flag piece scenery in the back I’ll be using as a companion marker.

And here are the shorties themselves.

(Thats Tim there on the Left…) :wink:

And finally here’s two armless fellers that I’ll be finishing tomorrow:

Most of the bits here are from the BFSP package witht he exeption of a few obvious bits… The more obscure bits and references may be the fact I’m having the regiment wield swords instead of the traditional Axes or hammers. These are made from the pointy ends of a Dark elf Halberds. I thought the fiery wild shape would be most fitting :slight_smile:

Uzkul Werit:

I think the first Dwarf looked rather cute.

Pyro Stick:

The balista is turning out great and the ram horns was an excellent idea.


love the dark elf spear blades for swords. lookin great!

Kera foehunter:

The bolt thower is perfict!! That’s one cool army


that Bolt Thrower looks hot man


Those horned warriors are very cool, I was thinking about giving my clansmen champion horns. But he ended up without them, I’m not skilled in the “horn on helms” craftsmanship :wink: