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How feasible is it to have a mortal chaos army with only mortal units?

I’m thinking of a Chaos army without the chaos, not even a chaos star anywhere. Maybe have a few unusual units like the general might be mounted on a giant bear or something.

Thought I’d ask on here rather than signing up for COTEC when I won’t put this plan into action for a while if at all.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Do you mean modelling wise or army list wise? I always use nothing, but mortals. Well, I say always, I OCCASSIONALLY take some horrors. That’s it. But, it’s entirely feasible from both views. May I ask why the lack of Chaos and Chaos stars?


i suppose you could make a norse/kurgan type army with nothing but marauders, who havent really got anything to do with chaos.


Do you just mean like a load of evil looking lads put together in an army?

As in just a group of empire civilians who turned evil?

I started warhammer with Chaos back in 5th edition and I only ever had mortal units, unless dogs count as something else (I’ve also indulged in a few chaos spawn in my day).


I’ve recently though about making a Chaos Cultists Mortal Army using the new plastic Flagellants.

As for plausibility, depends if you mean game wise or model wise.


I’m meaning mostly game-wise. I could probably stretch a few models to make humanish looking units for some troops. Chaos Hounds aren’t a problem, they’ll just be ordinary dogs.

Warriors and Marauders are meant to be the main units. It looks like the people at COTEC aren’t too happy with the pts cost of Chaos Warriors whereas I’d always thought Marauders were a little pricey.

I’m really trying to see if I will be losing most games or if I do have a decent chance of winning without any daemons or beasts, maybe even no marks.

Hashut’s Blessing:

I win regularly with my Chaos and, as said before, don’t use beasts/daemons. Also, I don’t often use marks. I sometimes use Tzeentch, but that’s it. It is so VERY easy and I was a little surprised to find someone asking if it was feasible. It is most definitely so :wink:


in my opinion chaos warriors are amazing for their points. lets face it they are pretty cheap and are core!


What you describe is certainly viable. IIRC, someone one won one of the US Grand Tournaments with a pure marauder army a few years ago.


Sounds good then. Here’s a bit of backstory to explain things:

The Untainted

There are only rumours as to their origins. The most common one is of a battle between two small Tzeentch tribes over territory. The god watched over with interest. The battle was bloody and after each wound the warriors would stand back up with renewed strength and a new mutation. The enemies were too enraged with each other to notice what was happening and the same battle continued for many years. The battlefield was covered with blood of all colours when the fighting finally stopped, each warrior now completely unrecognisable with the many mutations - from wings and claws to tentacles and eyes on stalks. Tzeentch was pleased by the entertainment the battle had afforded him and decided that he would use them in another experiment. With a glance the armies fell asleep. When they awoke they were completely devoid of mutations, and their memories had been purged in such a way that they were only vaguely aware of who they were. They now only remember rudimentary things of their past, how to speak, hunt and fight, forgetting all about the gods of Chaos and their former rivalry. Lacking the knowledge of the previous emnity, the tribes joined forces with a thirst to seek out what had happened to them. Each time someone tells them of Chaos, they forget by the time they wake the next day. Any chaos symbols or writings that they gather vanish overnight - ornate shields become plain, scrolls become blank. It is even said that after a battle, their dead wake up and rejoin the search with no recollection of having even being wounded. So now they wander the world, an eternal battle to find their past that they will never win.

I’d really like to have the general riding the giant Kislev bear, having it as an undivided daemonic mount. It should help give them a nice northern feel, all the fur. Maybe I’ll give them snow bases too. All units will be undivided. I hate the plastic Marauder models so I’ll use some alternative. Hounds of Chaos will be ordinary hunting dogs, it seems that most people use them to screen their troops or at least the knights.

Seems a little funny to be converting Chaos models to remove all signs of chaos rather than adding them in the form of mutations. An unchaotic chaos army. Maybe I could use them as an army of Malal! I’ll probably use same models in the Slaanesh army I may end up having if I finally finish planning my Keeper of Secrets conversion. That means using a mostly neutral colour scheme - maybe black armour (I’d really have to work out how to highlight black armour first though)

Maybe this will be a project that never gets off the ground, at least until the new chaos army books(s) come out.

Chaos - 1000 Points

Army total of 1000pts

Exalted Champion

great weapon, Daemonic Mount, Mark of Undivided

Total unit cost: 154pts

Sorcerer of Chaos

Dispel Scroll

Total unit cost: 110pts

Warriors of Chaos x 15

additional handweapons, full cmd

Total unit cost: 270pts

Marauders of Chaos x 20

shields, full cmd

Total unit cost: 145pts

Marauder Horsemen x 5

spear, Musician

Total unit cost: 76pts

Knights of Chaos x 5


Total unit cost: 185pts

Warhounds of Chaos x 5

Total unit cost: 30pts

Warhounds of Chaos x 5

Total unit cost: 30pts


Not a bad theme or list, though your units are too small for my liking. Ditch the daemonic mount in favour of a steed in 1000 pts and buy an extra knight - make the unit 6 strong and have your general lead it. This way your enemy will either be too scared of it to pay attention to your other units or will divide his fire. I’d also take shields for the warriors, and reinforce the marrauders at the cost of a unit of warhounds. Just my thoughts. In terms of a paint scheme, theres a really cool marrauder in the HoC book with only black, flesh, and a dark metalic colour somewhere below boltgun metal. The model is based purely with sand painted black and the edges ofthe base are left black. Its just an awesomely evocative model


I’d scrap the daemonic mount too also there’s no point in taking a great weapon when you could take a halberd which has all the benefits and you don’t strike last.

These days I normally go for a flail and a shield and I use either depending on the situation.

The Flying Beaver:

I like your theme a lot cornixt, and an all-mortal army is quite feasible. One thing I can tell you, however, is that chaos furies are incredibly useful. If you want to use them as harpies or some sort of non-daemonic beasts, you could certainly pull it off fluff-wise and your army would greatly benefit. Also consider a chariot. When paired with a marauder unit it proves to be more effective at destroying things than warriors will be, and at a lower cost usually.

And speaking of COTEC, it seems very likely that I’ll be promoted to administrator there as well! :cheers


It seems that one thing I really want in the list, the daemonic mount, is the one thing that people tell me to drop! I’d planned to still the Exalted on the giant Kislev bear, but I’ve found that the smaller 3rd ed beastmaster bear is still available. I could use that as a horse replacement but I will have to make sure it won’t look tiny next to the Chaos Steeds.

I could look into getting some sort of large birds to use as Furies I suppose. I’ve got some stuff to research and think about, thanks everyone.


That sounds awesome! Something aside from the normal chaos army of completely unfair ownage. A friend of mine once mentioned an idea for a Slaanesh Chaos themed after Kiss. He’d take the Keeper of Secrets to be his general and give the model a Flying V Guitar! It does have the tongue and all… Although, doing so would drop the hero choices so that only three members could be represented. He’d have the Marauders be the ranting screaming fans. And the deamonettes would be the screaming Kissetts. It sounded like an awesome army, but none of us have the gumption to do it.

So now he’s working on his Dia de los Muertos themed Undead army. All the units would have a full mariachi band as the command team.


I always thought a rock hard, elite spartan based mortal army would be a cool idea…