[Archive] Mosk's Very first chaos dwarf


Hey guys just wanted to show you all my first chaos dwarf. It is not totally done, just need to fill in a few cracks but besides that its good to go. This is also my first conversion with green stuff (the most I have ever done is filled in gaps on metal figs) So please give me any and all advice on how to make my dwarves better :slight_smile:

Hashut’s Blessing:

Looks good to me. The cape works well, the helmet fits (which I find this style, it rarely does so) and the scale mail aytt the back is very neat. Looks like a VERY promising army…

Kera foehunter:

i like them great job on the green stuf !!!


The old Chaos Warrior helmet works very good. Better than the new style ones, probably got to do with the fact they are a bit bigger then them.

Try to make the scale mail look like they are overlapping each other. You can do this by making the gaps between the lines a bit thinner and pressing them down a bit from top to bottom. Like this basically:                                                                                                                                                                  /



Hope this explains it a bit. Also let the GS cure a bit before you start the sculpting.


Everything seems to be in proportion and the green stuffing is good.

I prefer the beard to be hanging straight down rather than looking as though it loops around the outside of the shield, but that’s just personal preference.

good job.


I like what I see, keep up the good work and be sure to keep us updated!

Green stuff skills already look promising and they will only improve with time and with each model you do!

Well done, got a paint scheme in mind?


I think I will stick With a standard Khorne paint scheme, but I dont know exactly what I will do and I have added shoulder pads I will get pics soon, I dont think I will have shoulder pads on every model though…