[Archive] Mounted chaos dwarf legs

Mr Saturday:

I’m looking for convert an MM90 style Lammasu rider, and I’m looking for the rider’s legs. I’m not planning on using any parts from the actual big hat rider, and dwarf cavalry are not that common, so finding conversion parts for the lower half of the body is proving difficult. Does anyone know of any suitable parts/models?


How’s your conversion from scratch, I find that easier because of the scale?

Or perhaps get some Chaos Warrior Knight legs and chop some sections out?


I have tried a few times to find something suitable for that task, The only one I really found that seamed right is high elf silver helms rider legs

Cut down a little it would work.

Da Crusha:

since I use “Borgio the besieger” people have always recommended cutting the model at his knees and attaching his foot directly to the knee to shorten it. I think its good advice, haven’t gotten around to doing it though. so I guess you can do the same thing with knight legs. I plan on doing this also to make another mounted sorcerer for my lammasu.

Mr Saturday:

Thanks for the tips guys. I need to plan this one out in depth I think…