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1 Skaven Clanrat… I know…

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The army thus far:

Darkness was everything. Darkness, and the damp, old feeling of the deep recesses of the earth, the feel of ancient tunnels and river channels that cut the earth thousands of years before. In the darkness the lone sound of claws against the stone were the only sound. The lone rat man skittered along, sniffing the air occasionally. Finally, he came upon a sharp corner. Sniffing the corner, the scent of his pack leader was strong on the stone, and it was clear that the pack was called to gather. Skittering on, the rat man hurried in the direction of the calling, wasting no time.



the lone rat, very good.:cheers

You have a way to go. I`m a big fan of Skaven and will follow your work for sure. The ratman looks good by the way although I choose the newer Blood Island Skaven for my Clanrats. Are you going to take all your models roughly from that Skaven generation?


Ah, the old 6th ed. clanrats… So many memories :s:s:s

Fuggit Khan:


1 Skaven Clanrat...

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That is awesome, I love it! ;P
But all armies start from somewhere, right? And it's a very nice start...love the vintage metal clanrat <3


how much i hated to paint those old skaven, i kinds threw away my old skaven army, stopped playing and painting in 2010 circa because of them.

you have all my support!