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Godbob and his jolly rogers:

me and my friends have been talking about a warhammer movie and to be honest i think they can make one dosen’t have to be a movie it could be a T.V show example such as the storm of chaos or something i just think if they can make games they can go to the big screen :smiley:


This has been discussed before; GW have made it clear they have no silver screen intentions (despite having a few cool shorts at a gamesday years back). The company vehemently acts against any such moves to protect its own IP rights and interests. I think there was a case where they heavily penalised an amateur movie on the web (don’t quote me).

I’m surprised they’ve even gotten this far with warhammer online, let alone a film itself (look at the problems and time it took for Tolkien’s works to make it). Then there’s the problems of what to film, what races are being involved, how to bring in the relevent background without half an hour of narrative info. Casting in itself would be problematic/costly (see: Colour of Magic - Sean Astin/DJ). Too many problems, risk of only geeks and gamers going…perhaps even only those who have personal interest in the races or gamesystem being portrayed.

Too Risky, Too Costly, Too Complicated

If GW got burned by turning film (LotR) into minis, whose to say they won’t get burned worse by turning minis into films


Then there's the problems of what to film, what races are being involved, how to bring in the relevent background without half an hour of narrative info.

I think we can definitively answer this by saying if something like this were made, it should really star Chaos Dwarfs of course. Really, the remainder of the races are pretty much irrelevant. :hat


I can imagine a completely cgi film is being tossed around as an idea, so easy to do them now. get the kids hooked early!

Pyro Stick:

Theres already the film called Damnatus that wasnt allowed to be released

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

but if is relesed then it would get more people in to the hobby and people will love it hopefully also thay are world wide


But isn’t GW worldwide already? The forums themselves reflect this. The worldwide (or at least the Western) population of teenagers/fantasy fans/hobbyists actively partake or at least aware of the world of warhammer. If they are not interested in the hobby now, then i doubt a film will motivate them to do so.

Therefore the film would be for a cult following, however, depending on the story (40k or WFB ), the races/armies involved as well as the personal interests of the GW fanbase (ie perhaps they like to play wargames, not go to the movies) then the cult audience for which the film is aimed at will only partially go

Kera foehunter:

Thats all we need. another elf movie.


The LOTR films introduced the story (and GW game) to loads of people who wouldn’t have bothered otherwise. I never managed to finish the first book before I saw the film.


With GW’s current financial position it’s unlikely they’d consider pumping cash into a movie.


A cgi would be pretty cool and I imagine alot cheaper to pump out, I dissagree with only gamers going to watch, I know Soooo many people that went to see lotr and then evan went out and bought the dvds and still watch them but will not touch warhammer or any other like game with a barge pole… just because your into “Fantasy” does not mean your a gamer.

This is probably where GW went wrong expecting all those fanatical people who loved the movie to play a game when all they like doing is watching flicks.


Most companies don’t make films themselves, they just sell a license for someone else to use their stories. If it does well then they can make loads, if it doesn’t then it usually doesn’t matter. The film of Iron Man has increased sales of the comics and books by loads.


That Damnatus one was a real shame. A confusion over permission from GW, and 10,000+ euros later…

They were stupid not to get it in ‘official’ writing.


So sad…

Viskar Zhragoth:

Basically, the only way a GW movie gets made is an investor comes along and says, here is the money to make it gw, work with a company and make it…that way GW would retain their rights, and the film could be made by studio x.

They would probably never license the ip for a film that ANYONE else had control over unless the money was just too idiotic to mention (more than 8 figs…)

Hashut’s Blessing:

I like the idea of Warhammer films, but seriously doubt it will happen any time soon. Even if it did, I doubt the Chaos Dwarfs would be in it. CGI films are more expensive than normal ones. At least, if they are to look realistic (wsuch as CGI used in the Star Wars films)… Thusly, I doubt it’d be CGI if they’re worried about losing money.

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

CGI films are more expensive than normal ones. At least, if they are to look realistic (wsuch as CGI used in the Star Wars films)... Thusly, I doubt it'd be CGI if they're worried about losing money.

Hashut's Blessing
yes they will lose money but think of the profit, my local GW is packed every week and would love to see a film *sigh* that's the problem GW don't like making risk's :sad


How can they lose money and still make a profit?


They can lose money on the film but make more profit on the games. Anyone seen the new Star Wars cgi film trailer? Looks a lot like the animated series in 3D


It’ll have to be pretty good to erase my memory of jaja binks… and then lucas goes and does a cgi dump over 4-6. I liked the death star sparkly explosion, it’s didn’t need an explosive ring. I’m glad Family Guy went old skool with thiers on Blue Harvest

Is it a prequal to the prequals or a sequal? Or a parrelel story set in the same galaxy, long long away