[Archive] MSU / No shooting



Level 4 Prophet on Great Taurus with: Charmed Shield; Earthing Rod; Talisman of Preservation; and Lore of Hashut - 520


Castellan BSB with: shield; Sword of Might; Trickster’s Helm; and Potion of Foolhardiness - 207

Castellan with: Arabyan Carpet; Enchanted Shield; and Sword of Striking - 175


16 Infernal Guard with: standard; musician; and Standard of Discipline - 227

10 Infernal Guard with: standard; and musician - 140

10 Infernal Guard with: standard; and musician - 140

10 Infernal Guard with: standard; and musician - 140


4 K’daai Fireborn - 220

4 K’daai Fireborn - 220

10 Infernal Ironsworn with: standard; and musician - 185


K’daii Destroyer - 325

Preliminary Comments

So… Not a single model that shoots. A bunch of M3 infantry. Hopeless? Maybe. I am thinking a refused flank with this list might just work. From the (left in this example) corner out to the middle deploy thusly:

Destroyer/Sorcerer/Carpet Castellan - Fireborn/Fireborn - Ironsworn/10 IG/10 IG/10 IG - 16 IG with BSB

So the quick elements dive bomb up the side of the map while the infantry advances, and the far side is anchored by the Stubborn, Ld10 BSB unit. Hopefully long enough for the rest of the army to make its way around.

Between the Destroyer, Taurus and the flying brick (Castellan), I can put some quick pressure on enemy war machines. It’s certainly not perfect, but hopefully might let me advance a ways with the rest of my army before I get murdered from afar.

I’m interested in hearing how badly everyone expects this army would do, so have at it!


Get rid of ironsworn, and fatten up some IG units.

Eg, 2-3 units of 20ish.

Could work. Personally I’d go for BC’s.


LOL… Joke remake…

+++ MSU LOA (2400pts)

+ Lords + (540pts)

* Sorcerer-Prophet (540pts)

Blood of Hashut, Dispel Scroll, Enchanted Shield, Great Taurus, Lore of Fire, Talisman of Preservation, Wizard Level 4

+ Heroes + (559pts)

* Bull Centaur Taur’ruk (235pts)

Blackshard Armour, Dawn.stone, Dragonshelm, Great Weapon, The Other Trickster’s Shard

* Dark Castellan (202pts)

Battle Standard Bearer, Ironcurse Icon, Shield, The Mask of the Furnace

* Hobgoblin Khan (61pts)

Giant Wolf, Light Armour, Shield, Warrior Bane

* Hobgoblin Khan (61pts)

Giant Wolf , Light Armour, Shield, Tormentor Sword

+ Core + (601pts)

* 25 x Chaos Dwarf Infernal Guard (352pts)


* Overseer

Naptha Bomb

* Standard Bearer

Lichebone Pennant

* 25 x Hobgoblin Cutthroats (124.5pts)

Musician, Standard Bearer, Shields

* 25 x Hobgoblin Cutthroats (124.5pts)

Musician, Standard Bearer, Shields

+ Special + (230pts)

* 4 x Bull Centaur Renders (230pts)

Musician, Great Weapons

* Standard Bearer

Banner of Swiftness

+ Rare + (470pts)

* 10 x Hobgoblin Wolf Raiders (145pts)

Musician, Standard Bearer,Spears

* K’daai Destroyer (325pts)


I’ve always been a big fan of msu armies. And CD are really good at making these kind of armies.

If I may give you some advice:

Take the absolute minimum of core and give them GW. Yes they are really expensive but you need the punch they give you. They have a 3+save vs shooting and they hit for S5 in CC

My personal pefered unit size is 13 5/5/3 for a whole range of reasons.

4 k’daai are not worth it. You need at least 6 because of their suicides. Units of 3 BC’s with GW are really good. They are hard to kill and hit for a ton of damage.

Castellans are key to winning. They don’t need a lot of equipment. Put them in your small units for the stubborn bonus and some extra punch.

I don’t like hobgoblins for msu lists. My personal view is that each unit needs to hit as hard as possible and lets face it… they have a hard time killing even a skelleton.

Take a look around on the forum for good character builds. There are some really nice equipment combo’s.

The focus needs to be on your specials and rares (aka BC’s and destroyer) If you have some spare points give them some banners.

For MSU armies I prefer the lore of metal. You’ll struggle against heavy armour blocks and lets face it… Metal mages just LOOOVEE those kind of troops.

Good luck with your SMU army! It’s a reall blast to play and as long as you don’t encounter any reall horde army (skaven and goblins (no I’m not joking) and the like) your changes of winning are pretty good.