[Archive] Multiplayer zone


I’m participating in a multiplayer event against 3 of my frends who are just starting the game.Were having an entire day of gaming.We will be using one of his senarios he has to keep his 16 miners alive to tunnle through a wall for 30 turn’s.It should be very easy but then he told me its mixed with a siege battle so 2000 points of my chaos dwarfs plus my friend who’s just bringing 28 guys to help so he dose have an awsome defence but I’m shure I can beat it.My plan to get into the castle is to have a unit of 20 hobbos with a battaring ram break down the gate(yes slaves have uses),then after tht use my supiror numbers to win.


30 turns sounds like a long game! at 5 mins a player turn thats 5 hours!! good luck it sounds like a good scenario!