[Archive] multiple CD cults

Lava Lord:

I have a horde of older big hat axemen and am considering on ways to distingush between the IG, regular CD’s, and Immortals… Paint and head / helm changes are a couple options, but has there been any other suggestions? Any ideas are most welcome… :hat off


Well, they have got big hats and great axes and compared to the 3rd ed’ troops and the FW boys they already stand out without much else done to them


Well you will most likly have clans that worship the big 4 also than Hashut that could be an idea.


I’m currently using 4 different heads…

Infernals… Men-at-Arms high hat heads

Ironsworns… Chaos Marauder Horsemen helmet heads

Draken… Standard CD Heads

Other… Used the no helmet Marauder Horsemen Heads for random models.

Wish I had time to post pictures of my conversion, but… too lazy… I mean too busy.



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Lava Lord:

:hat thanx to ya’ll for the info… Anymore is always welcome for consideration. Happy Magma Day…:hat off