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Here’s my CDs, I’m still working on them, but I’ll post some pics of my (Mostly) completed stuff first (Note, I did not paint the hellcannon, or any of the purple CDs)

The two Forge World models need painting, the Hellcannon needs a base and the Earthshaker needs the front bit, plus I have my Walking Tower being worked on, and when I finish up my Bighats (some more Bull Centaurs, a Lammasu and a particular unit leader) I’ll turn my attention to the Forge World Stuff fully


The Walking Tower of Zharth-Kharzhakh

Created by insane Daemonsmith Mardrakk Stoneheart

Mardrakk was once the greatest daemonsmith of Lord Rykarth the Unbreakable, and was in many ways a genius, his skills in forging of the greatest warmachines known to many. But he was certainly not infallible, and during one of the Rykarth’s battles during the Nemesis War, at a crucial moment an Iron Daemon of Mardrakk’s creation exploded, due to a badly built engine from Mardrakk’s Hobgoblin slaves.

Rykarth returned to Zharr-Naggrund, his forces defeated by the armies of the Warriors of Chaos and their Daemonic allies, his rage growing with each step towards their mighty city, rage directed towards Mardrakk

Upon Rykarth return Mardrakk was beaten, stripped of his titles, and thrown from the city, left to die on the Plain of Zharr, but Hashut had other plans for the daemonsmith, and watched over his favored son.

Not more than two days after his banishment Mardrakk was found by the hulking form of a Greater Lammasu. Raising his hammer, he expected to end his life at the beast’s talons, but to his enormous surprise the beast bowed it’s head to him, and took him upon it’s back, flying to the east, to the Mountains of Mourn, it was there he met the might Ogres of the FlameTooth Clan.

The Lammasu placed him outside the Ogre camp, before leaving, to continue to serve the whims of Lord Hashut, and Mardrakk prepared himself to be eaten by the Bulls of the tribe, but the Tyrant was an intelligent and sly beast.

He knew of the Chaos Dwarf’s mighty machines, and decided, partially due to Mardrakk’s small stature, that he’d be a better worker than meal.

Mardrakk was taken to the scrapheaps of the ogres, and with those basic tools, and the Ogre’s slaves, their Gnoblars, Hobgoblins and Orcs, he created basic versions of the mighty Chaos Dwarf war machines for his so called ‘Masters’, detesting the humiliation of being forced to work under such conditions for these savages.

As his mighty machines proved their power again and again, and the FlameTooth’s empire grew, Mardrakk was given more slaves to work with, more materials, more scrap, and Mardrakk began work on his ultimate creation, something he had invisioned back when he was within the forges of Zharr-Naggrund.

His slaves built an enormous tower, upon two mighty feet, powered by an enormous furnace, imbued with the essence of a dead Firebelly, he created a mighty weapon, an enormous chainsaw u like those created in Zharr-Naggrund, only a thousand times the size, upon a metallic arm, moved by powerful pistons. Upon the other side he took the mechanism of a Hellblaster volley gun and strapped it upon a second arm. Finally he placed slots within the giant machine’s walls, to allow his Hobgoblin archers to shoot their bows from within, and within the top of the tower he himself sat, controlling his genius creation

The tower itself was fashioned similar to an orcish idol in aesthetics by his slaves, for Mardrakk did not care of it’s appearance, only that it would work, and furthermore it appeared to inspire fear in the eyes of the ogres, and loyalty in his greenskin slaves

This mighty tower, while made of crude materials, was the mightiest machine in the old world, and the FlameTooth tribe were left helpless to defend themselves from this behemoth, doublecrossed by their personal forgemaster, they found themselves obliterated, the mighty tower heading to the west, into the lands of the Chaos Dwarfs.

Mardrakk knew, even with his tower, he would be destroyed if he approached Zharr-Naggrund, and instead headed to a smaller Chaos Dwarf settlement, resting between the Daemon’s Stump, and the Tower of Gorgoth, there he was greeted with less defenses, and destroyed the walls of the citadel, with his mighty chainsaw, demanding the complete surrender of the citadel, lest he destroy it completely.

The sorcerer of the citadel saw that his forces were not enough to destroy this hulking tower, at least not without rendering themselves weakened to the point where they would be overrun within weeks, and while it was a cowardly choice, he surrendered to Mardrakk

Since then Mardrakk has lead the Citadel of Zharth-Kharzhakh, and it’s smiths have continued to work on the mighty machine, summoning K’Daii and using them within the furnaces, crewing the machine with Chaos Dwarfs with Blunderbusses, imbuing the tower with magical defenses and powers, and creating, under Mardrakk’s lead, a mighty cannon, able to shoot both mighty exploding shells, and burning hot magma from the canisters mounted upon it’s enormous length

Mardrakk has sent his machine to war many a time, his forces swelling in slaves and power, at all times waiting, preparing to march to Zharr-Naggrund, and to avenge the humiliation he suffered at Rykarth’s hand, to crush the mighty lord’s skull beneath his iron heel. But he is not ready to attack, his armies swelling in power, so for now, for now he waits…


A huge army you gathered there! :hat off

The main aspects to critizice are the paint scheme and the bases - imo! Personally I prefer a uniform or a totally individual paint scheme.

But at a 2nd glance I presume they aren’t finished yet - am I right?

Btw Lizardmen shields doens’t really fit to CD’s! :wink:

The story is great and explains sufficiant the existence of the 40K Ork Stompa! :cheers

Now I’m curious to see your future efforts in painting and writing!



Yay!! I’m not the only one with purple chaos dwarfs :cheers

As with so many pictures (mine included) its hard to see any detail and a overview of what units you have.

I’m no fan of home made models but I for one is exited to see what you can do with the stompa.

Have a good day and may Hashut bless you :hat off


Thanks for the support, I think I’m better at fluff simply because I’m so bad at converting, I need to be original and inventive to come up with the biazarre stuff I come up with

The army (most of it) is finished, the problem is I got the purples after I had all the red ones, so I consider the Purples to be the equivilent of Obsidian Guard (actually counts as Warriors of Chaos)

The three kinds of Bull Centaur represent three types in the fluff, the regular ones are just that, the Purple ones are ranked below the regular ones, which is why they have no big hats, the Silver ones are meant to be the Bull Centaur form of Infernal Guard, and the FW ones are gonna be Exalted ones, who are the highest rank

The bases, I intend to try and do something about that, despite having no basing skills

But anyway, here’s it assembled and primed with a guy on the arm

I’m planning to keep the dull color mainly, add some bright bits though and all, the lights on the front are gonna be red, as there are trapped K’Daii straining to get out in there, and hopefully I’m gonna do a CD symbol on the front large, I do plan to add a couple more Gnoblars on it as servents, but otherwise it’s mostly assembled, I also need a base for it, oh and the missiles are magma tanks, and won’t fire


It need a big iron beard :cheers


It need a big iron beard
Hou yeah that would be awesome !


An update:

The White Bearded (And cloaked) Sorcerer I got from Zobo (I painted it, I’m sure he’s much better than me):

My Slave Ogres (Front and Back):

And a whole army shot (mostly done though I need to finish painting the Walking Tower):