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Hell yeah dude! The gold makes him pop. Purple and metal is kinda dark, and on the table will not undechirable (Spellin bee ain’t me). With Gold the unit will look good on the Battlefield.

Another good trick with purple is bring some bright yellow into the mix (Perhaps more on elite units and characters. The purple/yellow combo is pretty sick. Check out the army blog Zharvatis Circus (again: not sure on the exact spelling). That blog is really silly in a god way, but more importantly, it showcases the purple/yellow combo in a lot of units.


Yeah, looks so much better.

Definitely adds. Nicely done! A unit of these will look great on the tabletop.


Well while the Abyssal Dwarves have the best artillery in the game (in my opinion), because of the way artillery performs in KoW just having one rocket launcher probably wont be doing you allot of good. You simply don’t have enough to seize the range advantage against most armies to force them to walk across the board to you, and the rocket launchers mostly just provide a little poke damage (instead of the crushing smash of say the heavy mortar) so the only real strategic function of a single rocket is to finish off heavily damaged enemy units (which can be very difficult if you don’t have it up on a hill since literally everything on the board blocks its LoS).

Looking a your army comp it looks like you have a much more aggressive go get’em play style, I think another dragon-fire team would probably serve you better. Alternatively with the points you could probably afford to turn your slave orcs into an pretty brutal Slave Orc Horde or possibly into a Ax Horde or even Greatax Horde or another cool unit if your willing to grab them as allies from the Orc Army list. I noticed you where’nt modeling them as Hobs but as actual slave orcs so this might still feel right for your army. I mean Yellow-Bellied feels right for Hobs (which is obviously what Slave Orcs where intended to be), but actual slave orcs? nahhh being all aggressive and killy but not getting inspired by your leaders actually sounds more like how orc slaves would function in my mind.

On another note, I think the gold on the axe is a vast improvement! If I could offer another fiddly bit of advice you could put a black wash over the lower hem gold shieldlets to give them a marched in look and to help draw the eye up towards the gold on the hat and axe.


@Malorndk Thanks, I’ll try a search for that blog. Purple is one of favourite colours to paint with. I used a purple/yellow accent colours in my Empire/Rhordia army, worked really well! You can see it here.

@Carcearion Honestly I’m pretty new to wargaming, aside from the odd game of fantasy with friends armies, this is my first real game I’m getting into. I expect my list will change over time. I agree about the Slave Orcs, yellow bellied really doesn’t feel right, especially not on those miniatures! Unless you think of it as just the yellow bellied rule as an excuse for slaves refusing to carry out orders rather than orcs literally being scared… I could see them standing up to the slavers. I may look into the Orc allies for my slaves. I’ll also take your advice regarding the gold on the lower hem. Thanks!


I ordered some Forge World stuff. Infernal Guard with command and the Daemonsmiths pack. Also got me two of Admiral’s statues.

I’m going to base 16 models to a regiment. The extra space gave me a little bit of freedom with the shields and was able to make them look a little more dynamic. I left space at the front for the command. Honestly no idea how people rank these up! Also, I’m not sure if I should use same paint scheme on these guys. I was leaning towards mostly black and gold. But don’t want them to be overshadowed by the purple theme :confused:

This is my idea for a “Dragon Fire-team”. I intend to use the Statue as a construct controlled by the iron-casters/daemonsmiths. Need opinions on this. Any suggestions? Is it clear what’s going on? Obviously I need to finish building the Daemonsmiths to get a better effect.

Also, does anyone know for what the “belt buckle” piece in the Daemonsmiths set is used for? Can’t seem to see :slight_smile:


Good start on the Infernal Dwarf regiment and promising first steps on the Dragon Fire Teams! Great concept and a strike for recycling in wasteful Dawi Zharr society. I’ve no idea as to the belt buckle piece. Is it just a cogwheel or token of profession, or could it be some arcane engineering instrument?

Perhaps it could be worth modelling sorcerous powers leaping from one hand on the Daemonsmith statue handler? Or at least paint a glow emanating from the flat of the handler’s outstretched hand (and/or in his eyes). How about purple glow, mimicked by purple-glowing eyes on the statue to signify heinous magical control, with normal/natural red-orange-yellow fire for the firebull and staff flame? Other colours than purple could of course be used, like green or light blue. No glow in the eyes would convey a dead stone look better, though. You could also make use of some spare space on one or more of the teams’ bases by having a sacrificial victim lying in a pool of its own blood, or burning, or having something else entirely (like an attendant slave fanning his Daemonsmith master).

As for paintjobs, black and gold sound good and muted, and will serve to mark out the Infernal Guard as shamed and exiled, obviously far below the status of the opulent and hat-crowned freemen warriors donned in luxurious purple. A bit like Dwarf Slayers have a completely different look from the rest of the uncorrupted Dwarf army. Purple would still work well, of course, and bind them in with your army. Perhaps a compromise, with black-gold armour, and purple-gold shields to mark their owner?

Whatever you do, I look forward to the next update!


@Admiral Thanks for the great ideas… and the statues are just awesome! I’m going to get thinking on the visible sorcerous powers, not something I’ve done before but I think I can make it work somehow. A sacrificial victim is a great call. I’ve decided on using Ratkin slaves so I’m sure I could fashion some victims from the Clanrats box. A lot I could do with this. Also, I think purple shields on the Guard could be great, bearing the icon of their master. Luxurious and arrogant is exactly the feel I was going for with the purple and gold so I really didn’t want that to clash with the Guard.

Day off work tomorrow so I’ll get productive!


Using Admiral’s Sorcerer Statues for a chaos dwarf flame-thrower team is brilliant! I was originally going to put mine up on goblin lugged palanquins but I really love your idea, I might have to steal it :wink:

I wanted to ask though did you know the Dragon-Fire teams are normally only on 25mm by 50mm bases? It would make them about half as wide as the standard looking KoW war-machine base you�?Tre using. Not a huge deal (and totally permissible even in tournament play to have them on a larger base) but I find the aggressive war-machines (like drills and flame-throwers) work well on the slimmer bases so they can fit between advancing formations and slip through terrain (I�?Tm often jealous my Goblin Mincers don�?Tt have the thinner profile that the dwarf drills and flame throwers and things have).

As for the FW Infernal Guard I have never really cared much for them (something about them feels a smig 40k to me). However they might look good in dark tarnished metal instead of a sleek solid black. Maybe good old boltgun metal and a black wash? You could even mix a bit of black dead into the metalics to make it really cast-iron looking. Although I think the idea of the purple mark of ownership shields is great either way.


@Carcearion I raised the issue of the Fire-team base size in the Kings of War Fanatics Facebook group. I received mixed replies, some said 50x50mm, some said 25x50mm. I went with advice from a Goblin player who fields a lot of War-trombones, he offered that a square base would prove most tactical because it would allow for tight space pivots. Made sense to me. It’s a tough decision :confused:

I wouldn’t mind at all if you stole the idea… they’re great models, very impressed.


great idea. a tank of fuel maybe and be sure to differentiate the difference, when you paint them, between the live dwarf and the flame throwing construct. That should negate most of the confusion


Ahh well fair enough then,  although since you pivot in the center in KoW and don’t wheel I don’t see how the pivot would change?

Well ultimately I would go with whatever looks coolest! The idea is awesome regardless, can’t wait to see what else you have coming up. :cheers


And maybe a small wheeled card under him for maneuvering.


I was thinking about some wheels… but I decided to try and depict the statue being controlled and animated by the caster. A fuel source is a cool idea, I did consider a lava pool too. Thanks for ideas!

I painted the first of my Immortal Guard today. Went with black and gold. Using shoulder to tie in with purple theme. Overall I’m happy with it.

Side by side

Now that I have my colours down I promise I wont come back until I have a full unit :wink:


The color scheme looks awsome! I especially like his face and how menacing his expression is, did you use a wet blending technique for the redness? Also the dusty black armor looks great!

I think you have really changed my mind on the FW infernal guard models, I guess all I was seeing was the masks and waving my big hats team banner at them in defiance. :hat

Really looking forward to seeing the a whole unit of infernal guard done up like him  :cheers


Thanks! For the redness on his face I simply used a bit of watered down Carroburg Crimson Citadel Wash. Works really well… always my favourite part of painting the faces, really brings it to life in my opinion.

The description of the Immortal Guard in the rulebook says that they are war thirsty souls trapped inside ancients sets of fully enclosed plated armour. Or something along those lines. I thought the FW Infernal Guard were a great fit. In the Warhammer lore only the Castellans may have their mask removed, so this will be the only one in the unit… the rest will have their masks. Always been a fan of them though. What are you using for your Immortals?


While I really like the KoW lore for the Immortals I ended up sticking more to the old GW interpretation of them just being the sorcerer prophets fearless personal body guard (I got really sucked into the classic CD style even though I was sorely tempted to mod them or even just give them a undead/posssed fleshtone and eye design). The squad I have done (Fire Canyon Great Weapon Unit) is actually my Immortals Regiment with potion of crushing.

I never thought of it before (lol once again i think i was too busy waving the team hats flag) but using them as the KoW haunted suits of armor really seems fitting, and you know i bet any daemon-smith wouldn’t bat an eye at doing that to members of the Infernal guard.


I’m not sure if it is trying to say they are literally empty suits of armour or not but, it suits either way. I’m going with the Warhammer interpretation of the shamed warriors set on earning back favour of their god in war. I love the Infernal Guard stuff. My army is definitely more “Chaos” than “Abyssal” :slight_smile:

I’m going to enter my first tournament in November. So I need to have a plan, maybe make a few changes to my list, and get painting hard. Honestly can’t wait to play.


Well done! Your paint scheme makes the two models from very different origins look like they are supposed to go together. They wouldn’t look out of place together even in the same unit which bodes very well for the look of your army as a whole. Cheers!


Ahh cool! I wish the KoW scene here in portland was big enough to be holding tournaments. I have a group of about 6 friends (Kingdom of Dust, Undead, Dwarves, Dwarves, Night-Stalkers, Basilia) who I organize weekend long gaming get togethers or single game nights with but even that’s pretty sporatic.


The beginnings of the IG Regiment. Really happy with the look of these. Hoping to get another ten on the base. I went for a simple rock wasteland base, as most will be covered by models anyway.

Also need to come up with a symbol for their shields.