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while i love my chaos dwarves, i do know that one day i will either be done with them, or wish to start fresh with them. when that day comes, they will have served me well and i will usher them to a new good home. my goal is to play them as long as possible, but most likely will either end this particular army very soon before the new book is officially announced, or immediatly following. i feel this is the best time to trade a 100% converted, above average table top paint job army to maximise reimbursement.

anyone have any thoughts on this subject, or what an army like that normally goes for (say between 2-3k)? this is likely 2-3 years down the road.

Pyro Stick:

iamahobgoblin would be the one to ask about converted army values.


giving up CDs? shame on you!:mad

to be serious, 2-3k will go for about 200-300?, i guess mainly because almost noone would ever pay more for an army at once… i must admit i thought about selling my 20 bcs shortly before the new AB (if ever) came out coz theyre damn expensive…(on the other hand, theyre probably the coolest models in the current cd range and IMO some of the coolest in all WHFB, so why should I?:))

but if I were to sell, I�d sell it about a half a year before new AB, this way the price is rather high up (swsnmb?) and you dont have the effect, just as it happened with HE a month or 2 ago, that everybody sells their minis to make room for the new range…


thing is, an entire chaos dwarf army doesnt go up on ebay very often. and if i time it right, people will buy it for it’s rarity.

and im not giving up, i never intend to. at most it would be a “time to start from scratch” moment to make a new look for them.