[Archive] Musings on "forgotten" armies


The more I see armies that are begging for a rewrite, or in some cases even a write-in, at the tail end of these editions of Warhammer 40k and Warhammer Fantasy the more I notice how the reactions of the fan base towards the situation tends to fit into the army in a humorous, sometimes ironic way.

For instance, a while back now Orks (40k) were begging for a new Codex, as they hadn’t had a new one in two editions (and about three Space Marine codexies). Now, the ork players weren’t terribly taxed by it, in fact we kept on going, making things for ourselves when needed (especially when not given official models for it, like the Battlewagon). The Ork fanbase kind of soldier’d on, and kept on fighting (and often winning).

Dark Eldar on the other hand have had a decline, sure there are a few diehard fans out there that still play a codex created on the verge of three editions ago, but in general they’ve kind of disappeared. Now, when I’ve asked a few of the former Dark Eldar players I’ve known, they claim to have shelved the army until a new book comes out. So until that time, many are biding their time in a limbo between armies.

Skaven on the other hand, while not a terribly old book, are never-the- less coming up on the tail end of the warhammer edition re-writes. From what I’ve seen of my fellow skittering hordes, Skaven players tend to shrug off a few losses when brought up against the newer shiny army books. While their enemies have changed, the Horde stays the same and some of the tactics have adapted to deal with new threats.

Now, on the Dawii Zharr’s side of things, we haven’t had a new list in some time. We’ve been dropped from a fair few tournament circuits, and in some cases we’ve masqueraded as another army in order to sneak in. The fanbase for Chaos Dwarfs tends to be fairly stoic, even when confronted with which edition and look of Chaos Dwarfs we favor. This is somewhat more evident in our methods, and our support for the army despite the drop in coverage. In the meantime however, we’ve built our own army lists, army books, and units. We’ve collected bits and pieces from other races and army books to build up our empire (with less imagery and metaphor: We’ve collected our knowledge about the Chaos Dwarfs from the few sources of our own, and the many mentions in other army books).

Though we do tend to be a somewhat dour fanbase, as while, in general, we hope for a new army list, it becomes more and more apparent that we’re not expecting it any time soon.

Maybe not the most interedting read, but just a few observations I found interesting about army fanbases in general.


I think you make an excellent point. And it isn’t that surprising as we pick armies after personal our moods and humours. It isn’t an accident that my dwarf playing friend plays dwarfs. And it isn’t an accident that I play HE and DE and Chaos and some others besides. I can even find some kinsip in the dwarfs, which is sorta how I fell into Chaos Dwarfs as well (they speak to my inner dark capitalist/industrialist).


Interesting read.

Indeed we have true Dwarf trades in ourselves, not giving up without a fight and all. Good points.


Hmmm. My favourite army is undead, and I’m an anti-social illustrator who prefers to live in seclusion, work at night and sleep during the day… I think you may be on to something :slight_smile:


I don’t see nearly as many tyranid players now as I used to.

I continually find it interesting just how motivated we are as a forum considering we will probably be at least 2 years from a new book. I think it says a lot about the nature of how we all see the CD. The cool themes are in place and everything else is up to our own warped imaginations!


Funny, when I read this thread I thought about all the armies I own and forgot about.