[Archive] musings on GS and paint


so i have noticed with this army a few key things. i used to be piss poor at GSing, until i picked up some sculpting tools. these tools made all the difference, bringing me from sub-par to i beleive above average. having the right tools, and a little bit of patience and direction have completely changed my outlook on GS. i am no longer hesitant or afraid of using it. tools are a godsend.

paint. the right paint has done the same thing as the right tools. using reaper master series has ungraded my painting to a level i never thought possible. the flatness of it, the pre-watered down effects, the perfect color transitions, everything has just been coming together beautifully.

i have had more fun converting and painting and playing with this army that the sum of all my years in the hobby. this goes to show that a little patience, and the right tools are all one really needs to go from ordinary to extraordinary. inspiration helps too!


Well congrats Mal!

Tbh i dont like GW sculpting tools, i much preffer a round headed pin and a craft knife

And i think the reason MY painting a bit shoddy at the moment is all my paints are driying up!

I gotta invest in some new ones…


oh, i dont use GW sculpting tools. the ones i have i dont remember who made them, but it wasnt GW!

have you tried a wet pallet warplock? i find they work great.


Wet pallet?


Ghrask Dragh:

There’s only so much adding water to drying paint will do, buying more is a pain in the wallet but well worth it! new paint will add so much more to the painting and makes it so much easier to learn the appropriate techniques.

I use Coat d’arms, which I buy from Blackhatminiatures.com, they are much cheaper than GW and are the same colours, Coat d’arms supplied the paints for citadel before these new ones were introduced. You get 18ml for �1.50 with coat d’arms and 12ml for �2 with GW, in most cases C.d’arms are better than the GW paints and all are at least equal!

Kera foehunter:

Reaper paints are cool!!! new tools rules .I love green stuff it is fun to use!!!