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in austrailia, mythic developers on warhammer online had a keynote, it was very noticeable that he knew nothing about warhammer, but anyway they were reveiling charcters and battlegrounds, this has been done before many times exept some things he said were interisting and worth a post.

first they unveil battle ground “dark lands” its in there and heres a concept:

looks like mordor, but thats the image they shown. even broken dwarf statues

and second they were showing charcter customation making them tall and short, skinny and fat, and then went to the chaos warrior and he said as i quote “as you can see you can make him tall and quite small, hey kinda looks like a chaos dwarf” he was so oblivious that chaos dwarfs existed, so did the room. so by mistake chaos dwarfs are
born into warhammer online,

chaos warrior

( there not as short as dwarfs about 4.5 ft but you might be able to get away with it considering everyone’s charcters are 10ft in rpg’s
theres going to be 1000’s of people playing short chaos warriors and not noticing there using chaos dwarfs which makes me happy, but no hats so good news for 3rd edition lovers )

NOTE: i will be making a chaos dwarf clan for warhammer online so i hope you guys will join me, one rule you have to be a small chaos, other than that all welcome

im hoping to bit torrent the keynote, but its 3.5 gig, it would take forever to download, i will host it if i get enough people to download it

ps sorry about poor grammer my keyboard is broke

easter egg new khorne daemon. dubbed as the greater daemon of khorne, the bloodthirster?, does the next iteration of the bloodthirster lose his wings? stay tuned!
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wow love the top picture, very dark and brooding, jut how you imagine it would be, just need to add a slave caravan in it somewhere

would it be worth stealing for this site perhaps??? although gil has stolen it for his avatar :slight_smile:


Sorry mate, but the guy was talking out of his arse. That area is Thunder Mountain/Karag Dron, a Greenskin vs Dwarfs area in the World Edge Mountains.

Kera foehunter:

That is a some cool pictures i might have to use the top picture as a screen saver.


that picture is way cool. love it


I’ll join you in the clan gIL^ I’m very excited about it, and the fact that we can make Chaos Dwarfs basically makes me want to play it right now. Why doesn’t mythic learn about the Warhammer world before they design it? The mordor look kinda freaks me out a little.


Nice backdrop looks just like i imagine the darklands even if it isn’t:hat


ooo sorry i thought it was, they were showing a clip show and saying "from forests to dark lands bla bla bla"

oo well i thought this would of had more of an impact, oo well

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Kera foehunter:

why kill bill ??? GIL


why kill bill ?????? GIL

Kera foehunter
the questions was why not?

but i had people emailing me saying i broke there pc's so i took it down