[Archive] my 1000p army (all greenies)


I want I want to show u my armie ive been working on for a while, this forum made it possible thank you!

my 19 warriors with hero

my 14 blunderbussers with lvl 2 mage

my heroes

my death rocket inspired by u all here on this forum


hellcannon (ES)

pls tell me if anything on my minis disturb u, or should be improved, thanks!

My army list 1000 p

hero GW , armour of gazrtah

LVL 2 mage

19 warriors shields flag, champ

14 blunderbussers flag

20 hobos, shields

20 hobos, la and shields fullcommand

10 hobos, bows




looking cool, but I should use the orgre slave unit filler in another unit, and to display the foto in on the forum you can use the img tags:

, that way its easier for us to watch and it doesn’t take that long to put the tags with your post :wink:

Lord Darkash:

Some good looking stuff there, like furrie said, try to display in the thread itself as you are more likely to get responses


thx, didnt know if the pictures where to big for the forum rules ( witch i couldn’t find )

the orge is ment to be pulling the slave hobgoblins, the ogre himself is not a slave^^


Very original death rocket, you’ve made an excellent start, welcome to the forum!


Droool I like, alot alot alot. More drool

very nice, specialy the death rocket, Nice idea and concepy. How did you come up with it?


Nice stuff ,thats alot of greenstuffing and deserves a couple of slaves  ,i like the deathrocket looks deadly .You just need some BTs as at 1000pts your deathrocket wont be very effective:hat


I think it looks pretty stellar. Are you done modelling it?


Wow :o thats’ deal or warriors mate :slight_smile:


- There is only one thing that I cannot see fits in - and thats the white bearded hero with your warriors… But its not because he is a bad figure, I just cannot see what he is because of his white colour.

- Kodos to the rest of the regiment, I like the look of you warriors :slight_smile:


- Your sorcerer is a familiar look, and the banner your blunderbusses is carrying fits very well into the chaotic look.


- That evil looking Death Rocket takes it all by the B*lls :hat wha ha, see thats a cool conversion mate

All in all, keep up the great work and I cannot waite to more :slight_smile:


wow what great responses i get, thank you! with the death rocket i got inspired by xanders one and used the bfsp cannon aswell. About the white beard i took it from another mini so thats why its white^^

And yes i stole the mage idea, its to simple to not to :smiley:

thank you and be patient for more pictures when they are painted

Kera foehunter:

that’s agreat army i like how you used the real chains


Okay mate cheers :slight_smile:

I’ll just add, you have some cool craftmenskills with GS (the pointing crewmen’s mask/helm - is very great and cool)


Excellent stuff!! Well done! :slight_smile:

Don’t forget your army shots with every unit in the picture! :smiley:

How did I miss these?!?!


Where’d you get those rockets? I’m looking for rockets myself too, but i can’t find good ones :frowning:


@Borador: blackgonzo has used the backpacks of the old 40k ork stormtroopers. I´m actually thinking of using them myself for my deathrocket.