[Archive] My 2000pt list (finalized)

Time of Madness:

Think I finally have put together my ideal 2000pt list for all comers.


Prophet (General)

- Level 4 Lore of Hashut

- Enchanted Shield

- Talisman of Preservation

- Healing Potion

- Channelling Staff

= 400pts

Castellan (bsb)

- Mask of the Furnace

- Shield

= 197pts


28 Infernal Guard (5X6 Formation)

General and BSB Here

- Full Command

- Lichebone Pennant

= 383pts

20 Hobgoblins (10X2 Formation)

- Full Command

- Bows

= 122pts


4 Bull Centaurs

- Standard

- Banner of Swiftness

- Great Weapons

= 225pts

Magma Cannon

= 145pts

Death Shrieker

= 100pts

Death Shrieker

= 100pts


K’daai Destroyer

= 325pts

TOTAL POINTS = 1997pts

Both characters have a 2+ save followed by a 4+ ward save. The unit of infernal guard are packing the lichebone pennant which increases my characters ward saves to 3+ vs magic sniping (death etc).

I’ve taken the channelling staff to increase my chance of getting the extra dice in the magic phase. It works well with spell-wrought from the darkforge weapon, but I’ve only rolled it once for the 4+ channelling.

I’ve debated dropping the channelling staff and the healing potion in favour of the earthing rod, but I’ve had some good results with the potion.

The hobgoblins give me some extra shooting, but are there to fill up my minimum core. It saves me from having to take a second expensive unit of guard.

The war machines are fairly standard, I’ve had some good results with 2 shriekers and 1 magma cannon.

The centaurs work well with the destroyer on the flanks.

I’ve also played a couple of games with an alternative list. I’ve dropped the destroyer in favour of a hellcannon and a daemonsmith. This alternative list plays a lot more defensive then when the destroyer is on the table.

Time of Madness


Every time I think of tweaking my army list a bit, I come on this forum and find ToM has had exactly the same idea!

I like the lichebone pennant. Not only does it give the characters a 3++ against spells as you mention, it also gives the rest of the unit a 4++ against spells from fire and, crucially, metal. Very helpful when somebody takes metal against heavily armoured dwarfs.

I prefer the gleaming pennant on the BCs. They are very often out of range of the BSB and the standard has proved very useful, especially for 5 points.

The other difference is that I have a level 1 sitting near my warmachines for added reliability. To make points for this I only have 3 BCs and no healing potion or channeling staff on the prophet.

I’ve had a good run with the list but never been unfortunate enough to suffer disastrous miscasts with my prophet (although it seems my level 1 always miscasts, even on 2 dice…).

Steve D:

I would be interested in hearing your thoughts on how the Lore of Hashut has been working out?

Time of Madness:

I would be interested in hearing your thoughts on how the Lore of Hashut has been working out?

Steve D
I go into every game thinking the lore of hashut is going to devestate my opponent. Unfortunately, it never seems to work out that way. The lore has some great spells, but it also packs some down right bad ones :(. I find the range of some of the spells pretty limiting considering I keep my prophet on foot. The othe big disadvantage is the very poor lore attribute.

I've been tempted to switch it up lately and take fire or metal. At least the ranges are decent and both lores have some spells that work well with my army.

I've never really been a fan of death as I like magic to whittle down my oppoents armies rather then just snip the characters.

@nilbog - The first thing I add when I move up in points is generally a daemonsmith. I miss having one in the list as he really can make a warmachine a lot more effective.

Time of Madness

Steve D:

Thanks ToM, a good summary. I am taking death at the moment as the lists I write tend to have trouble dealing with characters, single high T monsters and the like which death is good against. And doom and darkness works well with the rockets and the hellcannon. Plus soulblight can help our core actually kill something…

Fire I think is just duplicating what you already have and I am not a fan of metal as a lore…

Time of Madness:

Have you had good success with death? I may have to try it out again as well.

Fire has a couple of decent spells, but I agree it is a bit redundant. I like flaming sword on the guard (+1 to wound rolls with S4 is great). Piercing bolt and flame storm are good against large units.

Metal is interesting as it has a couple of decent augment spells. Enchanted blades gives my hobgoblin archers +1 to hit and armour piercing. Glittering robes increases the infernal guards save by +2 which really makes them tough to remove. And of course final transmutation is great at removing large blocks.

Too bad we don’t have the ability to take shadow (other then with a lammasu).

Time of Madness

Steve D:

Yes, Shadow would be the perfect lore. And I am a fan of fire as a lore (flame cage is simply stunning as is flaming sword) but I like magic to help have answers that other parts of my army can’t handle. Hence tooled up characters etc for death. If I was going warmachine light, fire would be great but with 3 warmachines in your list I think it is duplicating effort.