[Archive] my 3000pts army! help needed...I think :P


hi… For these days, I’m on a vacation in Bulgaria and could’nt were there for 2 weeks without doing something warhammer-ish! So here is my 3000pts list…please tell me what changes you would do:rolleyes:


CD lord w. o.blade, AoG and GW…226pts

Bull Centaur hero w. HA and shield…106pts

CD hero w. BSB and HA…89pts

2x1 CD sorcerer hero w. 2 dispel scrolls…(2x115pts)…230pts

Core Units:

3x25 CD warriors…(3x255pts)…765pts

2x20 CD w. blunderbuss…(2x240pts)…480pts

3x20 hobgoblins w. LA and shield…(3x80pts)…240pts

3x20 hobgoblins…(3x40pts)…120pts

14 hobgoblins…28pts

Special Units:

1 Death Rocket…80pts

8x1 hobgoblin bolt thrower…(8x30pts)…240pts

Rare Units:

2x1 Earthshaker…(2x110pts)…220pts

5 bull centaures w. HA, FC and warbanner…175pts

TOTAL: …2999pts

So, what do you think?


Lepreh Khan:


I think you lord needs to be equipped differently. Why don’t you take the Black hammer, Armor of the Furnace, and a shield. You get a 2+ in CC and get str 6 attacks. Strength 6 is almost as good as negating their armor save anyways.

Give the Bull Centaur Hero a GW. This way he’ll be extra good on the charge.

BSB will be good to hold the lines of a greenskin horde.

Sorcerers are fine. They’ll still be outmagicked in 3000 points though.


Drop the Blunders to 19 and stick the sorcerers in there to keep the US at 20.

I would drop the Armoured Hobgoblins for Wolf hobgoblins personally.


8 Bolt throwers… ouch. It’s mean but it will also be effective.


The bull centaur unit is pretty small for a 3000 point army. I’d consider beefing them up a little, to 9 at least. You have a lot of points invested into them, so protect them!

-Lepreh Khan


There no point in taking a mundane weapon and a magic weapon as you’ll always have to choose the magic weapon in combat, anyway 70pts is way too much to spend on a magic item that he might not even use.

I would go for a BC lord and just keep a CD hero as your general with armour of gaz.

Lava Lord:

Hey guys, :hat off Are any Chaos Dwarf armies joining in on the Hard Boz’s 3500 pt April 19 bash???