[Archive] My Army Book


I haven’t finished it yet, but I just had to show the rest of you. It’s not grammatically checked or spell checked properly and some of the pictures I haven’t asked for (most of them are GW I think) but comments please.


You must write: unoffical armylist!!!


The layout is a bit confusing, are you combining the origins story with all the bestiary sections?

Doing it that way is not something I remember seeing before, but it could work I guess.

A personal preference would be for the text to be justified, and with a bit more on each page.

Check pm now :wink:


In answer to both of you:

As I have said, it’s not finished yet and I am going to add unofficial list, etc. on the first page. The layout is almost identical to the layout in the Lizardmen Army Book. Please Comment about Layout and content.

EDIT: Asked permission of all artists involved and stated it is an unofficial list and copyright.

Thommy H:

Am I missing something? It just seems to be the background section…


Great work so far Scion i look forward to reading the finished article keep up the good work :slight_smile:


lol thought you meant you wanted my other anvil drawing :slight_smile:


No thanks for sending that one though. No your not missing anything so far, that’s all I’ve done. :slight_smile: Does anyone not like the fluff for any reason?


It looks great so far, good job!