[Archive] My casting material project


well, i bought some use from jar silicon rubber, it said to just let it dry out and would be done in a few hours.


It’s dried out on the top, but not past that, i think i’m gonna do it layer by layer now, and get some new silicone rubber, this time i’ll get silicone RTV


How much of the catalyst did you do?  Sounds like not nearly enough.  Don’t over do it though as its a waste beyond a certain point and you’ll run out before you run out of rubber.


it said NOT to use a catalyst, that’s why i bought it

it says "Use strait from jar. No catalyst required"

though it seems to take FOREVER, so i’m just gonna buy what my uncle used when he did this kind of stuff (he didn’t play warhammer though)


i started a mold yesterday, and some tiny bits on the top arent dry yet. it is fairly big though (in a flora light tub) because it is for 3 man o war wargalleys, all at once. i think what happened was when mixing the stuff at the bottom didnt get as much catalyst as the stuff at the top, so it isnt the same all over. im not sure whether to drop some catalyst into the not quite cured bits.


i got my mold made and tryed to test it with epoxy

i only had enough fill half the mold, it came out great though, so i have a realy nice 1/2 a dwarf (the whole back none of the front)

i was thinking of using it as senary, like a squished dwarf steped of my my giant

but the main point is i need resin now.

anyone wanna tell me what they use, and what works best?