[Archive] my chaos dwarf mordheim warband

turquois dwarf:

im sory if this first post sounds a bit like just ideas but the pictures i took are realy bad :mad so i will get some better ones (tomorow?).

anyway heres what i have:

chaos dwarf sorcerer (Eadolf Evilchild) with mace, sheild and helmet he can throw fireballs around and has LD 10!!

bull centaur (Astostes) with axe sheild and light armour. he is also imune to fear and gets an extra atack for fighting more than 1 person.

hero (Martisa) with halberd light armour and blunderbuss. he causes fear and is imune to it.

hero (Vahumisa) with 2 handed axe 2 axes and light armour. he has the weapons training skill so can use any weapon:)

2 hobgoblins (copper guard) with dagger sheild and spear. these have LD 6 so are a bit braver than most hobgoblins

hobgoblin (slave) with club dagger and lucky bone. this is actualy supposed to be the leader of my previouse warband (forest goblins:sick) who got amnesia when he was enslaved.

for painting they have turquoise cloths and bright silver armour more to show coldheartedness than evil or industry.

the last battle i had was an easter special so i have 2 golden eggs to sell and 3 egg grenades (eggsplosives) which should be fun:)

turquois dwarf:

here are some pictures

my 2 heros with my sorcerer in the middle


my copper guard with slave on the end


my bull centaur


pictures are ok but the camera shook a little.

i have just hired an ogre mercenary any ideas for the model (i only have until monday to get it!!)?

Kera foehunter:

Great army. i like your bull centaur. Great use of the old clan dwarf


Definitely can’t go wrong with turquoise! And I’m amazed that you have managed to get good use of the old plastic dwarfs in such a way. I remove my hat to you sir :hat off


I love them painted that way!

The Raven:

always nice to play Mordheim, but my experience in the game states that this warband will get its butt kicked 90% of the time…

Still, actually playing Chaos Dwarfs in the city of the damned equals AWESOME:)

turquois dwarf:


im suprised you spotted the old dwarfs under all the greenstuff i had to put on them. i got them free of a teacher at school thinking i could use them as beardlings:sick but then i started chaos dwarfs (hooray) and used them to make my chaos dwarfs because my sister likes dwarfs and only lets me convert models she dosent like:(. i still have a pair of boots which i might make into a pair of steaming shoes.

with the ogre i dont need it for 2 weeks now (my group arnt meeting over the easter holidays) so i should have time to do a realy nice job.

turquois dwarf:

dont need the ogre any more (he was far to expensive in the game and in real life) decided to get a chaos dwarf with 2 axes instead

turquois dwarf:

i just realised this had dropped of the bottom of the page which reminded me it probably needed updating. the campain is going to be happening at my own house now so i might be able to get some “action shots”. we will be doing allot of special scenarios soon so i should be able to post on those.

the next location is sartosa (lots of pirates and slaves goody) any ideas for scenery scenarios ect

also in case any one is iterested in mordheim here is a link to the rulebook download


i suppose the bonus with mordhiem is you can just throw in what models you have already to make a warband. im sure i have enough models to make a chaos dwarf, dwarf, undead, and possibly human and elf warbands with just what i have for my warhammer armies and roleplaying, and thats with never having even read the mordhiem book.

it would be good if you could let us know exactly how well your chaos dwarves do in mordhiem. it would be great to get an idea how good they are on a small scale as well as a large one.

Im sure i got a box of those old plastic dwarves about 15 years ago, im not sure where they are . . .f i could find them they would make a nice new chaos dwarf regiment :wink:

turquois dwarf:

well so far i have won 1 battle and have come in the middle of 3

turquois dwarf:

my campain has restarted after the easter holidays. will get pictures tomorow? lost a battle every one ran away :frowning:

pictures that i will post:

back of blunderbuss hero

new chaos dwarfs


warband in scenery?

my special birthday scenario next week. its going to be crazy with evil chickens and man eating mushrooms galore

wont get pictures till friday my dad has gone to london to get some documents for work and taken the camara with him :frowning:

zorn sabretooth:

is that a lotr mini on the end of the first pic?