[Archive] My Chaos Dwarf Painting Project


About a month ago I decided to build a Chaos Dwarf Army and ever since I’ve been discovering how difficult it is, both in cost and availability of the models. I finally put together what I believe is a solid 2500 pt list for regional tournaments and starting painting models to 50-70% completion as they come in the mail. Here is a sneak peak pic of what I have been working on and my list. Its still a few points short of 2500


Sorc lvl 3 Lore of Hashut tali. of Preservation, Blood of Hashut

Bale Taurus


BSB with Blackhammer and Enchanted shield (into Ironsworn)

2x Hobgoblin Khan on foot shield/light armor (Into the hobgob units)

Sorc lvl 1 Fire Dispell Scroll (hangout w/warmachines)


20 Blunderbusses inc. Command

2 x 20 Hobgoblin w/command one unit Bows, one unit extra hand weapon


3 Bull Centaurs with Standard & Champ, Banner of War

19 Ironsworn w/command Banner of Slavery


Magma Cannon


5 Hobgoblin Wolf Raiders, Light Armor, Spears, Fast Cav

Kera foehunter:

Come on now and don’t tease us with one picture of your troops !


Come on now  and don't tease us with one picture of your troops !

Kera foehunter
im only painting 3-5 colors on most of what I get int he mail so I never have a totally dull army. Not a lot is done yet because I have not yet received most of my army in the mail yet.


Will follow this thread!!!