[Archive] My Chaos Dwarfs are for sale



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Seems pretty pricey to me…


That’a all true. I’ve been on a pretty severe budget for a while, so four figures always seems like a lot of coin, even if it is an accurate number.

Good luck with your auction!


Some people dislike having models painted by somebody else so thats why painted models are often not considered worth more since once you buy them you will have to repaint them x.x


nice army

if i would have the money i would take it


And painted doesn't matter much. Weird.

That's because one man's "PRO-PAINTED OOP army" is another man's painstaking restoration project of stripping and repainting. (I'm not making a personal comment here mind! Yours look pretty darned nice. Just a general note)

I think the key is that a pre painted army won't necessarily give you the look you wanted.

For a historical gamer there often is only one way to paint. The historically correct one so you might as well buy them ready to go.

Also historical miniatures are already 2-3 times cheaper than GW so a painted historical army costs the same as a new one from GW.

And GW gamers tend to be bargain hunters in my experience. Pick your own reason as to why, but I'd note that most historical gamers are older than the average GW gamers.

To me it also seems that historical gamers play a lot of different periods and armies for variety and so will be looking at getting quite a few armies.


If I had the cash I wouldnt even consider that army. Hate the paint scheme dislike some of the models but if it were a more reasonable price I would dip strip repaint.


Seems pretty pricey to me...

Ok. If they don't sell, they don't sell. Why give something away?

IMO this is a good point.  
Not every body is a painter, some people are gamers but still want a good looking army.
I think dabiggrotsboss' army is a really nice one.
Unfotunately for him..... I'm a painter ;)


Most players here are hobbiest(so converters/painters), why else would you start CD’s :stuck_out_tongue:


I would buy them but that’s a huge amount to spend on gameing, even if the product is a good as this lot. Best of luck :slight_smile:


Maybe you should consider splitting the army. It appears there is some resistance to purchasing your army as it is. I can see both sides of the argument, but no real solution.

Good luck with the sale.