[Archive] My Chaos Dwarves for the GW GT


I’m building these up hopefully for the GW GT Heat 3 at the end of November, which means I really need to start painting.

But for now, here’s some WIP pics of my chaos dwarves - they’re all made from BFSP models, apart from some of the blunderbusses which will be made form the new thunderers.

It’s using the normal dwarf army list.

Anvil of Doom, made with the cauldron of blood and a blood bowl CD on a step ladder - it’ll have some GS flames and smoke surrounding the minatour head coming out of the cauldron.

Organ Gun, made from bits of the Empire missile launcher kit:

A Blunderbuss Man.

A normal dwarf warrior:

Any comments suggestions would be great - has anyone got any tips for adding detail to the hats? - i’m currently planning on doing it via painting, as my GS skills aren’t that good :frowning:

I’m still deciding what type of base to do for them, i’m thinking ash wastes with the occasional lava flow


Looking good so far!

Hat detail could be some with some trim. Maybe thin plasticard?

Keep it up!

Hashut’s Blessing:

I think I may have to steal the death rocket idea (purely so that i then have a death rocket, plus it’s easy and effective and cool.), although, personally, I’d shorten the length of the sticks holding the rockets. I really like the flaming bull head spewn forth from the cauldron o’ doom. Can’t wait to see it finished. Will you do any converting on the BloodBowl sorcerer/runelord? Also, what will you do for Anvil Guard/Immortals? Maybe a Bull Centaur or two or just use a couple of Immortals (made using Ironbreakers ;)) or just the bull head counts as them?


Cheers for the comments, I quite like the death rocket launcher, depending on what my list turns out like, I may end up having two of them - Or one organ gun and a gyrocopter.

The gyrocopter Idea I have atm is an Ogre leadbelcher with a helicopter backpack, but I dunno if that’ll work out well

Kera foehunter:

that a sweeeet death rocket .I cant wait to see it painted


The gyrocopter Idea I have atm is an Ogre leadbelcher with a helicopter backpack, but I dunno if that'll work out well

Like this? ^^


Hes funny very creative:hat is that yours Bas sure ive seen that bighat ogre in a thread:hat

Kera foehunter:

OMG!!! Flying ogre i hope he don’t have any mishaps while flying.PLease!! don"t give him any beer. i like the idea


That poor, poor engine, how does it devlop enough thrust? :wink: great idea, look great.


Well, its a very original concept at any rate…