[Archive] My Chaos space mariens army =)


HI all here is my converted spawn of chaos feasting on a dead space marien i hope you like it. also tell me if you like it (also can some plz tell me how to put pictures in your text)


Thommy H:

Didn’t you post this in the other forum?


If you want to edit your thread title, you might as well open up a new thread for your chaos dwarfs and keep this one for the non CD showcase section.

Cool model BTW, what chapter SM?


lol i know read what i said on that one.


emmm im not shore what chapter he is =)


From your title I assume this is part of your army rather than a mini diorama.

If he’s not themed as anything inparticular I’d make his painting quite subtle compared to the spawn. That way the spawn will stand out a lot more and the marine will look more like part of the base (if you know what I mean).

I wouldn’t paint him as imperial fists, for instance.


dark angels would be good to go with, as it wont contrast with the base too much


cool ok

Kera foehunter:

cool everyone one loves spawn . great job buddy!!!


sorry i havnt posted anything latly im just working on my chaos space marien sqaud