[Archive] my death rocket/earthshaker


ok my death rocket/earthshaker is done sorry about the bad photos

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tell me what you think and any changes you would do

how do i make it a vote thread?

would like to have a vote if its a DR or a ES


I like your Death Rocket!

In my opinion good colour combination of your CD this red/green, not to bright … it looks realistic! :smiley:

The model is also great, really cool. The flames are special not so ordinary … :hat off



That’s pretty darn neat! I’m thinking it looks more like an earthshaker, myself. Especially in consideration of the shell that you’ve got the goblin attached to.

Possible criticism: I’m not sure that the green of the crew member’s clothing goes with the red of the warmachine itself…


thanks, and i use the green beacuase lots of minis in the rest of the army will have green on them(not just hobbos)i really like how the dark green clothing looks and its easy to paint

aigen thanks for the comments:hat off


ive been thinking about attach the shell/rocket to the base with steel thread. but will that look bad?

or will the thread bend all the time or will it be hard to stick it to the base (dont have a pinning tool)

Kera foehunter:

i think it a great model of a death rocket it always so cool when you see a shotling in trouble


shot-ling. that’s a nice touch :slight_smile:


I like this figure a lot. It looks very well made. The flames are sculpted well, and the lighting beneath them looks good.

Plus the hobgoblin holding onto the shell as it’s fired is a hoot.