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Greatings my hairy warmblooded fellow. Today I’m finally getting started on my lizardmen with some help from WarplockMonkey. I’ve always had respect for a fantasy force that uses dinosaurs becouse I think dinosaurs are cool so lizardmen are a must for me. So expect dinosaurs galore here. Carnosaurs, stegadons, terradons, salamanders, razordons, you get the point. Here’s what i’m gonna let Warplock have fun with.

Oldblood on Carnosaur.

I liked the new Chakax model so much that I thought he could make a good rider for a reaper dino i’ve had for a bit. Warplock will be not only be fixing my bad conversion work but will give the dinosaur some bling and some dark elf trophies as well.

Skink Priest

Wanted somting a bit different so i’m gonna have Warplock make him look more like a raptor.

Well thats it for now. Will try and get more up soon.

Kera foehunter:

i like theold blood and it don’t look bad on the dino Dino!!


I’ll be fun to watch you build your lizards. I always loved the dinos.


@Kera foehunter: Lol. Thx Kera.

@speedygogo: Thx man.

Anyway back with more.

In my local area were gonna have another paint and play and I wnated to start lizardmen. The jolly stuff you see above I got this week for it and goes as follows:

Saurus Hero

18 Saurus Warriors

20 skink skirmishers

2 jungle swarms

1 stegadon

I also shipped out my oldblood on carnosaur and a skink priest to that guy in England had hope to see it fully sculpted soon. So as I paint up stuff I also figured out a small starting 500 point list. Here’s that list:

Hero: Scar-Veteran, light armour, sheild, sword of battle( +1 A ), Glyph Necklace( 5+ Ward Save)

Core: 15 Saurus warriors, Full Command, Spears

Core: 10 Skink Skirmishers, Brave

Core: 10 Skink Skirmishers, Brave

Thats all for now.

Kera foehunter:

so how are you going to use your segadon dino i like the blues thow



Nice solid 500 point list few things at that level will be able to take your spear armed Saurus warriors on and the skirmishing skinks are always useful


@Kera foehunter: Thx. My plan for the stegadon is for it to be just a normal special choice stegadon. Big bolt thrower basicly.

@Ubertechie: Thx. I planned for this list to be just like that.

A little more work today gentlemen.

Got my saurus warrior proberly based, finished my test skink, and finished my saurus scar-vet yesturday.And both skink and hero are based properly as well.

Saurus Warrior

Skink skirmisher


The idea for my skinks is to give them different crests so you’ll be seeing different looking groups of skinks. The Scar-vet. is one of my favorite models that GW makes and I was very happy I finished it yesturday. The jungle bases are simple but look really good. The bigger based stuff (terradons, stegadons, carnosaur, jungle swarms, ect.) will look a little different as they’ll have ruins on their bases.

So next up i’ll be finishing off the saurus warriors and then the skinks right after that. Will have pics ofthe saurus soon.


wow nice. im not a big fan of blue lizardmen but the fin(?) on the skinks head was a really nice touch. nice bases and the oldblood on the carnosaur was cool to.

orcs of fire:

wow those bases are brilliant and I love the crests on the skink hope to see more painted!!:slight_smile: oh and on that army shot - is it just me or is there a skink missing?


@jolpis: Thx. It’s apperently called a crest by GW. Just wait until you see a whole unit with jungle bases.

@orcs on fire: Thx. And you are right. I lost it their for a bit(work space is a mess) but I found it.

Kera foehunter:

dino …wow … great work i love the crest on the skink

both lizarmen have cool colors and painted greatly


love the paint job Dino! your vet and warrior are my faves. :slight_smile:

plus, I love the carnosaur! :slight_smile: are you going to make an army like swiss played against?


@Kera foehunter: Thx. I plan to make the skinks have different crests.

@Sojourn: Thx. I’ll definetly be doing the exact oldblood he made(I think we’re on the same page).

Back with more lizards but their are some things that have happened last Monday.

First this is the sceen of my families basement for the last four months thanks to my brother.

My brother was off for military trainning and left all his crap at home. But Monday some movers came and this is how it looks now.

Theirs so much room.

And that Monday we had some freaky weather.

It rained and hailed like hell and we had a tornado watch. But it was all over in an hour.

Now on to the lizies. First off my list has had to have a change. Our paint and play to 250 points so my list is smaller. So that means the number of miniatures I have to paint. So here’s the list with pics.

10 saurus Warriors with spears, Full command Pts.150

10 Skinks skirmishers, brave Pts.77

Note: I know that they’re not full units of ten in the pics. The test mini’s I did are part of these units.

I’ve been doing a fair bit done thx to this.

Only I could paint dinosaur(ish) miniatures while watching movies with dinosaurs.

I’ll have more done tommarrow when I finish Jurassic Park 3.

Kera foehunter:

lol nice weather !! I see you have no leaves yet on your trees

So are you going to make jungle baces on all your figures???

or are some going to have runes stone as baces?


the minis are nice painted

i really like the in of the skink,a really different but cool look

and theplastic plants on the bases are cool,too look like they are comeing straight out of the jungle

nice stuff so far,keep on the good work


@Kera foehunter: They are all gonna have jungle bases it’s just the bigger bases will have the ruins.

@Hazkar: Thx.

Well just finished watching Jurassic Park 3 and back with that update as promised.

Saurus Warriors

These guys are basically done just need to be based.

Skinks Skirmishers

A lot more to go on them.

Will have fully finished of the Saurus warriors tomarrow.


Like I said, I’d show pics of the fully finished Saurus Warriors today and here they are.

I have the test guy in their and now I can’t remember wich one of them was him. Thats a good thing(to me).

Now one to the skinks which need to be finished before mid-April.


Looking great!

I’m kind of disappointed in the color scheme you chosen, you could have picked a more exotic one (like around the yellow you used with the black patterns in your test sink). You are a good enough painter to start exploring more of the colors schemes and techniques, not just the standard ones that GW does with their figures.

Maybe draw future inspiration of color schemes from objects in nature; especially frogs and lizards. There are some cool looking frogs/lizards out there.


It’s not that I could have done a more exotic look it’s just that I thought GW had the right color scheme in mind for them. I do like coming up with my own scheme but I really liked GWs, A lot. I’ll deffinetly be doing my own schemes for the dinosaurs though and make some of my own.


Back with more lizzies.

First skinks skirmishers.

Scales are finished, gonna finish the skin next.

Second is a skink chief.

This guy came with the stegadon. I plan to buy either a terradon for him or convert up a horned one for him. I’ll have to see.

More work tomarrow.