[Archive] my first 1000 pts tell me what ya think


here it is


chaos dwarf hero 60pts armor of G 30pts great axe 2 =92 pts

sorcerer lvl 2 100+ dispel scroll. = 125


10 Cds with GW = 110 plus standard 120

10 cds with blunderbusses 120

13 cds 117 standard 137

13 cds 117 standard

20 hobbgobs 40 pts


2 bt’s 60 pts

DR 80 pts

ES 110


what doyya think?


I’d get armor of the forge. Otherwise, its perfect! :slight_smile:

My army has 4 BS, 2ES, and 2DR’s. Im loaded on artillery.

Kera’s back!!!


For 1000 points you are a bit warmachine heavy and a bit ranked infantry unit light. I would drop the death rocket and get at least 1 if not 2 fully ranked(25 man) dwarf warrior units to give your army a nice hard core. Also blunderbusses are most effective in units of 15 this gives them strenght 5 shooting and the ability to act as medium infantry.

Hope that helps


Ubertechie has it right. CD Warriors blocks should be 25 strong. Go much weaker and you’re really hurting yourself as we rely on our static res… a lot. However as you’ll be needing to ration points more carefully at this level (as will your opponents) you can afford to go down to 20 and operate… hoping that either your opponents units will be smaller or your shooting to leave you with the upper hand when they do connect.

He’s also right about the 15 strong BB. That extra S goes a long ways, especially if they shoot/magic missle them to whittle them down.

I’d drop the GW unit personally. They won’t add a whole lot, and swapping them out for adding to your Hw/Sh blocks will be more effective.

I’m always torn between Bolt Throwers and Death Rocket, and at this level it is harder to combine them. You have an earthshaker, so I’d drop the death rocket personally.


Ubertechie has it right.

Hey Swiss we need to stop agreeing on everything - most of our recent posts on the subject of tactics have been us backing each others point if view up - if we are not careful people may think we are the brokeback mountain chaos dwarfs or 1 person with 2 accounts :o


I wish I knew how to quit you!

I had to IMDB that quote… but it seemed appropriate.

Ubertechie, perhaps great minds think alike?


I wish I knew how to quit you!

Now that made me laugh ....

However sadly - the last part of this well known phrase
Ubertechie, perhaps great minds think alike?
is that fools hardly differ - so we are one or the other - perhaps other people are best placed to judge that:idea


really cant change much right now since i use all of my models cept an DR but i will get a now box of warriors and a new of bbs

Alan the evil:

that’s my idea

hero with armor of gazrak and GW 94 pt (GW is 4 pt, not 2)

sorcerer level 2 with dispel scroll 125 pt

24 warrior + command group + war banner 271 pt (without GW - you can stand with three ranks, standard, warbanner, lots of models, 3 S6 attcaks of the hero… you don’t need to waste points)

15 bluderbusses 180 pt (great minds explained very well why 15 is better than 10 - trust great minds!!)

20 hobbos 40 pt

2 bolt thrower 60 pt

1 earthshaker 110 pt.

tot 880

that’s the core with warriors in the middle and hobbos and bb to protect flanks

you can use remaining 120 pt in 3 different ways:

1 - death rocket (80) + 20 hobbos (40) if you wanna shoot with war machines and wait the enemy, stopping him with hobbos

2 - 10 wolf rider (120) if you wanna try to gain control of one flank of the field

3 - another sorcerer, level 2 or level 1 with dispel scroll and/or power stones in the way you like more to have control of magic phase (I like to work so because a couple of fire ball can do a very usefull job)


thats wonderful i’d go for number one, love seeing his forces die before they can attack