[Archive] My first Casts


I finally converted my first two rank and file Chas Dwarf Torsos. All my Command models will have the hats, and the standard troopers will have masks.

And I also successfully made molds cast them…


Nice. :cheers

Can not wait to see them painted!

If you are going to sand the bases, make sure to sand them before your prime your figures.


They look really cool i like the flowing look to the beards ,cant wait to see them painted as its hard to make out detail on the white resin casts :hat


Where would i get the mutation spure from to get the masks,btw great models


Not sure if any of the boxed sets still contain it, so your best bet is to beg a chaos player to let you borrow the mace hand arm so ou can cast it. then you can return it in one piece - job done

Kera foehunter:

great job on the first time hip hip heray


they look great! did you have any troubles with them or did the resin cast easily? (i.e. issues with bubbles?) Good work Sharp. :slight_smile:


Looking really good. The motion is fantastic, its pretty hard to make dwarfs dynamic, but your CD’s seem to do it.