[Archive] My first CD 750 pt. list!


First off, great website! I’m lovin’ everything to do with these little Mesopotamian slaver jerks. At any rate, a friend of mine and I are splitting a BFSP set, and i’m converting my CDs via a tutorial I found on this very site! Anyways, using the dwarves found in the BFSP set, this is the 750 point list that I’ve conjured up!

Hero -

2nd Hand weapon

Armor of Gazrhak

Gauntlets of Bazharkk the Cruel

Total - 114 pts.

Four Str. 5 attacks, 1+ save. Need anything more in a hero?

Sorcerer -

Level 2

Dispel Scroll

Total - 125

Basic magical support. I was wondering what magic you guys thought was most effective for a level 2 wizard amongst the offerings for CD? Fire is useful, but very generic. Shadow is alright. Metal is only good against equipment heavy armies (anti-Breton, haha), and Death has high casting rolls required for most spells, though they are nice.

12 Warriors with full command plus War Banner- 178 pts.

8 Warriors with GWs plus champion - 103 pts.

10 Warriors with BBs - 120 pts.

Earthshaker Cannon - 110 pts.

There it is! The earthshaker i think isn’t really appropriate at this points level, but unfortunately we don’t have any normal cannons compared to our lame, mountain-dwelling brethren! I’ve been thinking of a way to convert it to something else - maybe put a spear in the barrel of the BFSP cannon and put some Hobbos on the base and make it a cannon-bolt thrower hybrid. I’d have to get more, though, to make up the points. The same could be done for the death rocket, but I also think that its not as appropriate for the points level. Scatter is a buzzkill when there’s only so many units on the board! Thanks in advance for all of your input!


take a DOW cannon mabe? 85 points.


Drop the Gauntlets your kill to many of your own guys with them up the great weapon unit up to ten drop the musician and the level up on the sorcerer get a bolt thrower and one more basic warrior.