[Archive] My first CD models!


hi:cheers I began on my CD army for two days ago. It all startet when i saw Xanders tips on how to make CD on youtube:) I have made my CD out of the BFSP-sett and have folowed xanders warriors and got a lot of inspiration on this site!

So far, I have finished :

Death Rocket with crew,
1 CD warrior and
1 CD blunderbuss

Here is my CD’s :

Even More Pics!

comments are welcome!:smiley:


They look good to me, nice conversions, nice painting.

Especially like the Orky death rocket and the banshee lower down on the page:)

Well done on your first models, they were better than mine:hat off




I like them, nicely done! Welcome to the forums follower of Hashut!


cool minis that death rocket is an awesome bfsp cannon conversion


thank you for your comments:)��(and thanks for editing my post xander:cheers)