[Archive] My first converted Chaos Dwarf!


My idea was to merge the two most common Chaos Dwarf styles- Big Hats, big noses, tusks, etc., and masks plus no hats. Here you go:

Everything basically followed Xander’s guide, except the beard, which I cut from one big blob into smaller strands. The hat is a push-pin, with the metal pin and the flared bit right next to the pin cut off. The mask was a blob of putty I cut notches into for eyes- then I manipulated the eyes to make them seem like triangles facing towards each other, and look suitably evil.

I suck with Green Stuff, I know.


I’d fill out the hat a bit with GS to make it a bit thicker. The GS work is very decent. I like it on the whole. The face is a bit hard to make out, however.

Nice work. :slight_smile:

Ishkur Cinderhat:

The hat will definitely need some extension - it’s way too slim at the moment. If you paint it like this the Chaos Dwarf will look funny. And you don’t want to make us Chaos Dwarves look funny!!


I could fill it out, but is it the size of the hat that is the problem, or the shape? I intentionally made the hat a little small, because I didn’t want huge hats- remember, I’m trying to combine the two styles. Oh, and the mask is just a lump covering the head, with two eyeholes. Nothing fancy, it looks somewhat like LotR Dwarfs.


Well, here’s what I did:

As you can see, I filled out the hat. I also added an arrow made from plastic bits and a little bit of green stuff. It’s hard to see in the picture, but there is a very separate bit of green stuff in between the three plastic pieces.

The lighting is screwy also, it gives the appearance of different bits being dimpled or standing out. The whole thing is actually very smooth.

How else can I make arrows, though? Should I just paint them on?


For the arrows I usually make a thin sheet of green stuff. Let it set then you can cut it in every way you want and it’s still a little flexible.

I usually have unused green stuff cause I always exaggerate with quantity so it’s a way to still use it :slight_smile:

Another ideas is to use plasticard…

Ishkur Cinderhat:

For straight and pointy things I always use plasticard, way easier to work with than greenstuff.

The push-pin basically has the right shape, but the trunk is just too thin. If you want to use it as hat, a dwarf’s head should fit inside at least at the base.

If you don’t want to exaggerate the hat, you could make it a little shorter and then paint it in metallic colours so that it would look more like a weird decoration on top of the helmet.


I fiddled around with using a push pin hat today, and I used the wider flared side, with the main part of the hat thickened by GS. I am giving a hat to one of my Sorcerers. I will probably use plasticard to make some arrows.

I’ll post some pics when I am done.


nice i see u fixed up the hat.

by the way kill mor stuntys:cheers


Yeah, pretty soon I’m going to paint it up; I just need to buy paint first!