[Archive] my first dwarfs


´These are my first chaos dwarfs and my first conversion work ever, so be nice and sorry for the bad image quality, the one with the hat is a champ (there will be more hats later =) )  



better images further down


images turned out in really bad quality hope you can make somthing out of it agien sorry about the quality

ps. dont mind the stuff in the background

Ghrask Dragh:

Your beards are very well sculpted, I like the mace you’ve used too :cheers the lord also impressive (you have on WAR Online Orc :o I love the miniature!!)

Excellent work my friend!

Pics were a little big so I added urls, hope you don’t mind. I also moved it to the showcase section for finished miniatures, if you want to turn this into an army blog let us know :hat off


thanks for fixing up the pictures, moving the thread and the overall comment (and yepp u just gotta love the war-o orc)

and it will become an army pretty soon and the hat guy is just a group champion

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Looks good! Your sculpting and paint jobs are excellent. Photo quality isn’t. Maybe take pictures of each guy individually and on a neutral background.

Keep up the great work!


If these are your first you’re starting off a bit better then I did! This how many of mine ended up looking, and that’s after I started over a few times. Keep at it and just think of how sweet it will be to have a CD army!


nice start,wanna see more


ok heres two more pics with better quality (not good quality just better) the hat guy is the troop champ

(but he looks like a hero:~




all criticism is welcome since i want to get better at painting and sculpting feel free to say what you want to


Really cool guys!!!

Very well done!!! Much better sculpt-jobs than all my previous attempts! :hat off



¨thank you Zanko

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