[Archive] My first game for a year CD vs VC


Well my first game for a year CD vs VC

CD (me)

3000P RH list

Chaos Dwarf Lord @184

Armour of destiny, ironcurse icon and a great weapon, Shield.

Bull centaur Lord @266 (1PP)

Armour of Gaz, Dawnstone, Crown of command, Great weapon

Sorcerer Lord (Shadow Spell 0,3,4,5) @300

Level 4. Talisman of preservation, Earthing Rod.

Chaos dwarf BSB @130

Armour of silvered steel.

Sorcerer (Fire Spell 0) @90

Dispel magic scroll

Sorcerer (Metal Spell 0,6) @115

Level 2, Channeling staff

32 x Chaos dwarf Warriors @392 (1PP)

       Great weapons, Standard with Banner of eternal flame  

       musician, champion

20 x Chaos dwarf Warriors @225

       Standard with Lichebone pennant, musician, champion

20 x Chaos dwarf Blunderbusses @240

20 x hobgoblin archers @100p

35 x Sneaky Gitz @205  

       Standard, musician, champion

21 x Black orcs @318

       Standard, musician, champion

Death Rocket @80 (1PP)

Death Rocket @80 (1PP)

5 x Bull centaur @105

     Heavy armour.

Earthshaker @110 (1PP)


Vamp Lord L3 (spells 1,4,5)

Carstein ring, Dreadknight, +2PD

Vamp Hero L2 (Know all spells)

Book of arkhan

Necromancer with Scroll

Wight BSB with 4+ ward vs. shooting banner

3 x units with 30 ghools

10 black knights with banner of borrows

Black coach

Wag Wolf

Bats and Wolfs.

5 x Blood knight with champ.


My plan: the big dwarf unit should up against his Black knight, but my opponent agreed with himself that his knight would loose and deployed them on the flank, Also I hoped to get a Metal spell on his blood knights, fireball on the Wagwolf and that the BC lord could take the Black coach.  

Turn 1

The Chaos dwarf got first turn �?" I moved a little forward to get my mages in range, but all got dispelled. Shooting started bad with the right most death rocket misfired and blew up but the shaker hit and killed the wagwolf. Last Rocket missed the Black coach.

The left most fell bats moved forward and the blood knights and black coach moved up to counter charge my BC�?Ts. Black knights moved forward. Magic wind of undead makes 5 wounds on my units and create a unit Spirit host.

Turn 2

The BClord charge the fell bats alone (the idere is that the bats unit in HtH will block the way for the blood knights and coach so I could finish them in his turn and charge the units behind in my next turn). Rest move forward eccpt Borc�?Ts. Magic: -1T to the center Ghoul unit. Shooting: Shaker misfire and blow up. Rocket hit Black coach but I roll 1 to wound. HtH: BClord make 5 wounds on bats and the unit die (hmm)

Blood knights and Black coach charge BClord. Spirit host charge Hobgobs. Magic: wind of undead and Van h dispelled. HtH Black coach make 2 S5 impact hit wounds the BC lord save, Blood knight champ challenge (he have to) and make 3 S7 wounds which the BClord also save J Blood knight champ take 4 wounds. Spirit hosts draw with the Hobgobs.  

Turn 3

Hw Dwarf unit charge Black coach in the flank, Gw Dwarf charge ghouls with Vampire hero �?" both my units  roll high and get in HtH. Magic: I roll 2 PD so no magic. Shooting BB�?Ts kill like 12 ghouls, Rocket kill 2 Black knights. HtH: BClord and Dwarfs kill Blood knights and Black Coach, L2 sorcerer takes a wound. CDlord kill L2 Vampire hero but take a wound, Sorcerer lord also take a wound. Unit make like 10-12 wounds. All but 1 ghoul die. Spirit host and hobgob draw again.

Black knights charge Black orc, Ghouls move to flank the big dwarfs unit, Magic 2 x Van hells on the ghouls is dispelled (one with my scroll) rest is used to raise in the center unit. HtH Black knights make 15 wounds on the Black orc�?Ts but the last 5 orc�?Ts kill 3 knights before they run.    

In the center the BSB die he takes 3 wounds from the ghouls and I roll 2 ones. Hobgoblins also run.

Turn 4

The big dwarf unit turn to face the other ghoul unit, Sneaky gitz move in the forest (turns out på be a normal forest) and face the Black knights, L1 sorcerer leve unit to get los to the necromancer (he is hiding behind a tree) Blunders move to shoot more ghouls. Hw dwarf and L2 sorcerer move to get in magic range of the Black knights. Magic: both fireball on necromancer and toughness spell on ghouls dispelled. Shooting: rocked miss. BB�?Ts shoot ghouls (bad dices only 3 dead).  

Ghouls charge dwarfs, Black knights move back, rest move away. Magic: Curse of years on the big dwarf unit. Rest is dispelled. HtH Ghouls roll so many poison hits that both the CDlord and the L4 sorcerer lord die. But the unit does well so i win the combat.      

Turn 5 (last turn - it where getting late)            

BC�?Ts chose not to charge the 15 remaining ghouls (I where property still chocked over the many poison hits from last round) but I should have. L1 sorcerer move to get los to the necromancer. Hw dwarf and L2 sorcerer move to get in magic range of the Black knights. Magic: I chose not to end curse of years. Metal spell on his Black knights dispelled but fireball (sd6hits) hit his necromancer and I roll 2 hits but both wound so he die. Shooting: rocked miss. BB�?Ts shoot ghouls.

HtH Dwarf�?Ts unit win against the ghouls.      


Not much, Magic dispelled, many dwarfs die to curse but they still win against the ghouls.

Just a quick edit only the lord had Iron Curse Icon.

We did not count the resault but it looks like a draw (i lost black orc, Sorcerer and CD lord, BSB, shaker and roket) he lost (Coach, blood knights, wag, vampire hero, necromancer, ghouls, bats)

and if half units count he get points for the big dwarf unit and i get for both ghouls units.

We agreed that the game where a very good resault for CD because in 7ed they “use to loose alot” against VC also i couls have played better e.g got the Sorcerer lord out of HtH, charge the ghouls. and i had bad luck with the BSB.


thanx for sharing!

(both your lord and your BSB carry the Iron Curse Icon? didnt matter as VC has very few warmachines.)


Cheers for the report.

lol @ Wagwolf… i might end up calling the Varghulf that now