[Archive] My first GT army and various other conversions


took some time to find it (good lord, i must’ve used my wrong glasses while looking;P) but i found the offtopic showcase to show some other converions and some pictures of my first GT army.

the GT army is composed of almost only original slann models, all over 20 years old. only the stegadon and the kroxigor are somewhat younger.

my slann mage,

skink priest on engine of the gods,

saurus hero on cold one,

temple guard with mage priest,

skinks with kroxigor,

saurus warriors,

cold one cavalry,

skinks with blowpipes,


and some other stuff, a stegadon i made during the previous edition of the lizardmen rules. the old metal model just didn’t cut it with the rest of the models:

it’s a forgeworld great knarlock, with a modified slann palaquin, skinks and some random bitz.

comparison shot between the old stegadon and my own creation:

and then there are some 40K tanks, made for a valhallan amry:




and some valhallan roughriders on snowscooters:

space dwarf (squat) exoarmoured warriors… made from ironbreakers and some terminator bitz


wow,some nice stuff
really like the snowscooters,are the skies made from cable straps?
and the squats are also very cool(maybe i´ll “steal” your ideas :wink: )
easy conversions,but full of character


hehe… yup, those are (or were) cable straps. i use thousands of those at work so the leftovers are easy to obtain.

Kera foehunter:

love the frogies are throws gw pygmys?? if not can you tell me who make them ( the chubby humans )


Awesome stuff! Love the squats and the nice greenish skin on the lizardmen.


they are lobotomised slaves from the old slann army list. i used them as crew for the salamanders (as my crew usualy gets eaten anyway) they seemed like fitting models.

there are GW pygmys, but they are a though lot to find.

this is the stuff of legends page for them: http://www.solegends.com/citc/c27pigmies.htm


You GT army looks awesome. I like the other stuff also, especially the squats.

Kera foehunter:

thanks so much ! Vash

Border Reiver:

I would have thought that human/space marine arms on the squats would look way off, but those look right for some reason. May have to give taht a try - 40K keeps calling, but I let it go to voicemail.


it worked for these models, it didn’t really work for other arms or weapons. and it’s so much work to cut those metal models to shape. so this is were this project ends… i’m now trying to collect an original squat army for next years 40K GT


Your collection of the old Slann is really awesome! :hat off

The “skink priest on engine of the gods” is so cool . I never saw this mini before also the salamanders are totally new for me! :o

I’m so jealous!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The paint scheme is also great!

All in all stunning!!! :cheers



the priest on the stegadon is the only conversion of a newer model. i used the old metal lizardmen stegadon and the old slann mage priest palanquin. the skink on top and the 4 guys running allong the stegadon are original 3rd edition models.

the kroxigor is also from a newer edition.

the salamanders are warhounds that can be seen on Stuff of Legends:



coolest frogmen ever! If I ever stated playing Lizzies (not likely for now) I would love to have a army like yours (:

old minies rule!


Squats! yoinks haven’t seen any of those in decades (jeeze I can say that…) besides my own little 5mm ones for Space Marines… Love the conversions! they look great… are they painted yet?