[Archive] My first unit of chaos Dwarves off the line (pic heavy)


I have purchased 10 bull centaurs and am in the process of "gulp" sawing off their hats (don't tell the hat lovers).

My name is Willmark and I endorse this message :cheers


I have some picture updates at the link before. I just have the hardest time getting them to load to the website.


I am not sure what to do with the hatless bull centaurs now.


round the top of the head some or give the helms/hair. Where did you make the bolt thrower off ?


As I don’t own any BC (sigh), the hats extend down the back of the heads a little don’t they?

If they did you could just cut out circles of plasticard and stick then on.  It would look a bit wierd, as if they’d lost the top of their heads, but it would make a stumpy helmet.

Other option is to file/saw/cut off the details on the backs of the heads and sculpt some dreads!


They’re looking good so far.

I had the same problem when I sawed the hat off my Lord on Taurus.

I glued a ringlet of small skulls from TK banners around the top of his head, then stuck a spearhead in the middle to give him a kind of Turkish look.  You could just as easily use a small blob of Greenstuff and stick a spearhead in the middle to give them a pickelhauber-style helmet, or just sculpt some hair or dreadlocks on them.

you can just make out my Lord on Taurus in the back of this photo:

Kera foehunter:

nice work wallacer!! so what do you do with all those cut off tall hat! put them on fence posts??lol


The bolthrower is a long OOP Orc model. It only came with one wheel so I changed out the wheels for dwarf cannon wheels I picked up earlier. You get the model off ebay for between $8 and $15 shipped (depending on condition, ability to snipe, and number of crew). It is a far sight cheaper then the real hobo thrower, and looks very similar.

The bull centaur models I have (4 of 6 produced) all have hats that cut strait across the head. The hats do not hang down in the back so they were easy to slice through with a razor saw. They have been running about $8 shipped a piece if you but a larger lot on ebay.

I tried a helm on a bull centaur from some of the dwarves I carved up and it does not look right.

When slicing off the hat you can leave a little bit of the bottom rim behind (the bushy eyebrows are on the rim) and I was thinking about sculpting that into a circlet with just hair on top. I am not sure that my fledgling sculpting skills can rise to that occasion, but I might give it a try. I do like Wallacer’s hat suggestion and will likely move in that direction when the circlet this does not pan out (which it most likely will). Love the army Wallacer.

On another note, I think I have found a taurus model. I have to check the size first. I was looking at the old GW dragon wings $8 and around $5 for the bull. I worry that the bull may

available at


I worry that the bull may be too long. I need to find it in a store so I can size it up.


Maul you have a couple of ideas and the circlet one is viable. I did the same thing with my astragoth mini as noted in my blog.