[Archive] My first Warhammer dream. My mind is finally slipping

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

I thought phobia ment scared of something that couldn’t hurt you, as fear is scared of something that could harm you physicle


just the other day, between snooze bars, I dreamt that I was running late for my dad to give me a lift to the train station, and there was huge confusion between me trying to put make-up on in the car, and then realising I didn’t bring clothes and only had my PJs, but I was making my dad late by being so disorganized so I asked him to drop me at the mall near our place so I could run home and get changed and grab my car and drive myself. then I woke up and realised I had about 10 mins to get ready and out the door.

PS - I made it.

Swiss… did you win in the end!? :slight_smile: your arm wrestle, or fist smashing, or whatnot? :slight_smile:


See, for me, snowblizz, being extremely uncomfortable isn;t a phobia... (This is personally, it's not me saying that's not arachnophobia, it is :D ) I get extremely uncomfoortable when animals are in close proximity because I can;t read them, second-guess them, pre=empt, see into their mind etc...

Hashut's Blessing
Maybe I didn't stress the word "extremely" enough. Panic attacks, nausea, it depends.

Godbob, yes it is irrational, but I think the definition is wider than that. You *can* have a phobia about something that can actually hurt you. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phobia


Sojourn: I do believe I won, considering the guy was knocked to the ground and on his back… at which point I then hit him some more.

Then I gave some other guy a high figh or fist jab.

One of my most common dreams is I’m back at basic.