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As Promised, I now have pics up of the fishman sculpts I intend to mold cast, sell and use for my own Fishman themed Lizardman army - The followers of Cthulhu*

*(More of that later.)

We’ll begin with the boring stuff as always.

Sea Swarms

Beach bases, you see. I tried water bases, where I cut holes in the bases and filled them up with clear resin, but it didn’t work well, so I went with beach bases instead

These are already ready for selling. Each pack will contain 2 sprues, each containing:

1 lobster

1 Horseshoe Crab

1 Normal Crab

1 Skeletal Fish

2 Starfish

5 Random sea shells.

The next model was a lot more complex, and I still have to make another one along with an extra set of arms with javelin and shield to cover all weapon options:

Skink (Fishy name yet to be decided)

This one isn’t even cast yet. I figure that I’ll have to break off the arms and legs and cast them seperately. I think this is far cooler than GW’s lizard skinks.

This is going to count as saurus/temple guard in the army:

I will only make this one body, but for the back rankers, I’ll make another set of arms to enable them to rank up properly. Should I go for another trident or something else? Command group will not be cast, but I will most certainly convert a fishnet banner like the Komodon Models made by that other company.

The model will be cast like the skink with seperate body, arms and legs.

This is the sculpt I’m most proud of. I went for a Davy Jones like look, but when people see it, they say “Hey! You’ve made Cthulhu!” And I don’t know who Cthulhu is, although a google image search comes up with pictures of a monster with a similar head and hands.

Cthulhu Mage Priest

As it’s a very big model, and I only need one to lead my army, I am unsure if I’ll cast it. It depends on if there will be anyone buying it. As it’s rather big and chucky, it will need a big mold and take a lot of resin, so price would be around £4-5.

It’s palanquin (Which neither I nor any of my english teachers have found a way top pronounce) will most likely be a coral overgrown sea muscle shell, and the priest will be sitting on a big pile of dead fish and sea creatures. I have yet to decide if it will be levitating like the current slann or bourne by servants like the old model. I figure that the mage priest wouldn’t need to levitate, as it spends most of it’s time under water, where the gravity is different.

By the way, does anybody know what those sea shell thingies that sticks to underwater rocks, and that I have added to the belly of the mage priest is called?

And does anyone have a link to the site with pictures of all fishman models made by all companies?

A brief description of What and who Cthulhu is wouldn’t be off either.

Thanks all and I look forward to casting all the models. Selling will start this summer, when I’ve finished school.


- Kyte

Kera foehunter:

those are cool lobster but they might not hold up to my guys the like sea food.

great job kyte


Man, u rox :smiley:


First off, wow!! Kyte these are awesome - some very fishy work! I’m not sold on the big fins but they are obviously part of your vision. I really like the attention to detail on the webbed fingers. Very impressive.

I’d be interested to know how you went about creating the hands, in particular, the stages you took in sculpting them.

I presume the scales are a texture “stamp” so you can repeat it over and over? Or were they hand done?

re: Cthulhu

Cthulhu is a monster created by H.P. Lovecraft, a writer of “weird and cosmic” horror during the 1920’s. He was a close friend of Conan the Barbarian creator/writer Robert. E. Howard. Lovecraft’s writings spoke of an earth that was originally populated by an alien race called the Great Old Ones before even the dinosaurs were around. They could only exist in our “universe” when “the stars were right” and when they weren’t, they weren’t really alive. Cthulhu was one of these and entire races worshipped Cthulhu as a god, including the fish men - the “Deep Ones”. When the stars changed, his dwelling - the corpse city of R’Lyeh sank beneath the waves. To this day, Cthulhu and his minions sleep, dreaming of returning to power when the stars are again right. Cthulhu exists in a state of living death, sleeping in his city and influencing the insane or psychically sensitive through dreams, causing them to see images of R’Lyeh, or Cthulhu himself.

If you’re interested in Cthulhu, you need to read this story: The Call of Cthulhu

The Call of Cthulhu by H. P. Lovecraft

And it is pronounced “Kuh-thool-hoo”, although there are variations, notably “Kuh-two-loo” or “Kuh-thoo-loo”, each one is valid as Cthulhu is only an approximation of what Cthulhu’s real name is - normal human mouths cannot even begin to properly speak its language. And if you’re looking for a pronunciation of “palanquin” its "pal-ann-kwin"

My hat off to you again, sir, excellent work. Very inspiring!!

:hat off:hat off

:sick with envy


have you thought about doing the swarms thing as a 1 piece resin base?

cant wait to see pics of the actual fish men!

edit: dumbass laptop didnt loads those pics till after i posted!

skink is good i especially like the trident. the other dude looks pretty scary would be a cool thing to paint up! i cant help thinking you stuck very closely to lizardmen in what they look like. i suppose for gaming reasons you dont want people getting confused and stuff.

cthulhu’s squid head reminds me of the guy from futurama!

what are your plans for the other units?


what are your plans for the other units?

Kroxigors will be giant crab people, and even if I'll never need it, I'll make a kraken coming up from the sea as a stegadon and some seahorse riders, as they'd be immensely cool.


- Kyte


fishies riding flying seahorses! i can see it now. giant crab kroxigors! sounds like a thing of my dreams.


By the way, does anybody know what those sea shell thingies that sticks to underwater rocks, and that I have added to the belly of the mage priest is called?

Limpets, barnacles...?


Love that Slann. Love it all really, impressive work! :slight_smile:


The sea rock substance you wish to know of that sticks to other rocks could be coral if I am not mistaken. Stuffs very dangerous and can cut a person’s limb right open if they’re not watching it.


btw. very famous (and humorous) site 'bout cthulhu mythos :wink:


btw. Dagon would be great as kroxigor :wink:


“He Who Shall Not Be Named” is most pleased with your work, he order you to continue his bidding. he also send slaves to help with your army…


Kroxigors will be giant crab people
Oh my god....the're crab people!!

Those who watch South Park will understand...:P

I actually really like the idea of lobster-kroxigor, kroxs have always been my favorite lizardmen unit,mostly because they are big-ass lizards, but also because a unit of 3 took down a daemon prince in a game i had with a mate of mine...oh there was some jeering THAT day....

P.S: And like i said before, those things on the Slann are limpets, they attach themselves on the bow of ships, rocks, whales...basically anything big and flat in the ocean


When I first heard the idea of a Fish People army, I have to say I was quite skeptical. After seeing these impressive sculpts however, I think its fair to say that you are changing my mind.

Your sculpts are just getting better and better. I might try finish that sculpt I started 2 months ago…


i would SO buy these if i played lizards, and if i hand money


This is the sculpt I'm most proud of. I went for a Davy Jones like look, but when people see it, they say "Hey! You've made Cthulhu!" And I don't know who Cthulhu is, although a google image search comes up with pictures of a monster with a similar head and hands.

you don't know of the great Cthulu




H.P.LOVECRAFT is a horror writer of unsurpassed quality .The horrors we can create in our own imagination far outweigh what can be described in words .As a teenager i loved reading the books by lovecraft i gave my genadier collection to my mate who has a massive cthulhu collection:hat

The sculpts are great fishmen would work great as a lizardman army lol


damn, great minds think alike. i am working on a similar project, though not hand sculpting everything. at least im in the U.S…


i wood definatly buy cthulhu in a heartbeat

do you have a website

how would i purchase the sea swarms


ahhh i was looking on the internet and look what fishmen figures i found!!


for these scroll down abit: http://www.black-tree-design.com/btdcat.php?ctry=uk&lng=gb&rangenum=1&typenum=10&qty=0&sub=&shp=&tot=#top

for these you have to scroll down abit 2: Fenryll - Boutique - Fenryll