[Archive] My GH 13 entry


As Golder’s done his thread I thought I’d do mine.

Normally I wouldn’t have bothered, but I wanted to ask for feedback on a number of things this time.

The model I sculpted to look like the warhammer forge concept art. I modified it a bit, as one of the arms it would have been pointless putting the scalemail sleeve on.

The backpack I used a dreadnought smoke launcher, another part from the dreadnought, a part from a dwarf warmachine (I think), a small dwarf icon and horn top from the warriors set, some guitar wire and a censer from the plague monks kit. I didn’t actually plan it that way, but from the front at the right angle the horn top actually makes the outline of a big hat from his head. The closest I will ever get outside of character models ;).

You�?Tll see I cast the model (which obviously will not be for sale). Silly me I should have checked the scale before casting it, but he�?Ts a little too tall, 23mm to the top of his mask, compared to about 21mm for a regular CD with mask. Not a huge problem, but seeing as I wanted him to fit in with a WF CD range it may be an issue if I were to cast a load of them.

For the painting I went with NMM (non metallic metal). For those who don�?Tt know what this is, it�?Ts painting the whole thing without using metallic paints anywhere. For me this was a real challenge, both the blending and trying to figure out where the dark and light bits should go. To be honest I�?Tm not terribly bothered at this stage if I got it right or not.

My questions for you all are firstly what do you think of the model? The first model I�?Tm aware of that is a 3D representation (more or less) of the WF art, with a mask. :slight_smile:

Secondly, what do you think of my attempt at NMM?

Lastly�?� If I do carry on it will mean painting the entire army in NMM�?� Including all the war machines. Painting the Skullcracker in NMM would be a lifetime achievement, but it would put me off buying too many�?� Which could be a good thing. I could cheat a little by painting large areas in black oiled metal.

So would that be totally insane?

Oh, and some bigger pics. I�?Tll replace these at some point with some in better light.

Golder Goldeater:

I thought your entry was very nice but I really didn’t understand how the music organ works. So you also know how to make molds for your minis huh?


Yes, I do cast the occasional thing. :wink:

The idea of the horn was basically a fancy packpack with a chain to make the horn sound.  Looks a lot more technical than I described it, but I just went with what I found in my bitz box.

Incidently this is a ‘problem’ I seem to have quite often with conversions, I make things a lot more complicated than they really need to be. Well, a problem in terms of getting votes anyway. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I also guessed this was yours. Unfortunatly I do not like NMM so did not get my vote. :wink:

You also tried some OSL I see but did you paint it on with straight (blood?) red? I advice thinned down red ink or even Baal red to get a smoother more subtle result. (any much thinned down paint would work too)

Still some practice to do on the NMM but I would definitly not advice you to paint your whole army in NMM!


Solid job, again - and a well deserved medal. Reason for not getting my vote this time is - like Obsidian - then NMM. Can’t say I dislike NMM - but it’s so hart to master especially on small areas. So to be honest with you, think you can do better :smiley: You see when I vote I try very hard to find out how did what - and then compare it with his or her other works - if it’s not up to previous works, well … no vote from me, I’m sorry :wink:

Thommy H:

I was very impressed with the NMM which is why it got one of my votes. I don’t think it’s quite “there” yet, but it’s well on the way and a lot better than I could do (or would even try!) so I think you definitely deserved your place in the top three.


he is cool

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Ishkur Cinderhat:

Personally I really don’t like NMM but then again I felt your choice of colours and conversion were rock solid so you still had my vote. :wink: About the eyes - are they supposed to bleed in some way or is that an OSL attempt? If it’s the latter it doesn’t work for me. Just a little less red and more yellow on the reflections might do the trick though.


I started doing the eyes as OSL, but I sort of forgot to finish them. I may do a little work before taking shots for the word of hashut.


Cool model and great painting as always Grim, NMM isnt really my cup. But I like the cartoony effect that it gives. :slight_smile:


Huh, I really loved this model, and it had my vote! The conversion work in fantastic and the paintjob is awesome! I’m a big fan of your army Grim, well done!!!:slight_smile: