[Archive] My Golden Hat Hobgoblin sneak peak

Lord Archaon:


I want to show you my Hobgoblin Khan sneak peak :s and i’ll post his full photos within this week.Hope you like it.:slight_smile:

Pyro Stick:

Is it meant to be red? Theres not much to comment on. Its too…hard to see

Lord Archaon:

This is the point! I am thinking like a hobgoblin.:slight_smile: I made this thing out of a good photo to show you not the whole painted mini but it’s shape and for you to know how will it look on the contest.Hope you understood what i said. :idea


It looks like scan from newspaper picture :wink:

Traitor King:


Im loving the paints job… its so amazingly brilliantly awsome. WOWz0rz!!!one!111!

Cant really make out much, but im going to guess the models a hobgoblin…

Lord Archaon:

It only 14 days left to see the real model;)