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I have to admit that Hashut’s Blessing and I gave it an honest effort to get shows out on a timely basis, but (and I’m only speaking for myself here, not HB ) it really didn’t feel like we had the full support of the admins. I know that may come across as unfair as I don’t feel it was done intentionally and that statement certainly doesn’t include all of the admins!

The last few episodes over the Summer were taking longer and longer to get the links and RSS feeds updated, which can’t have helped the listenership, IMHO. To really get people listening we needed a concerted effort on at least a monthly basis so that people can get used to the idea that every month there’s a new one and we get on a roll.

The podcast is a whole separate rant, but I found it an uphill battle to get the links and RSS feeds done… and that’s not HB’s fault either, he’s staff, I’m just a user/member. The embedded play button linking to the show needs to be updated by an admin and this thread from September is a good example of the problems we had over the Summer, which still hasn’t been updated, despite repeated requests both in that thread as well as several polite PMs from me.

If there was a streamlined way to get these things posted and efficiently in the hands of those who are interested it would fly and we’d have a regular show with a listenership who are vocal when we get behind on the schedule of getting shows out. Needing to provide extra instructions and apologies to people who are trying to download/listen to the show isn’t the way to get them excited to come back and listen again.

I felt very discouraged after the Summer and I’ll just say this for the state of the podcast - I find it very telling that there’s been no further shows since Games Day UK with the insanely awesome CD news that came out of that event, or the semi-central role of the Dawi Zharr in the new Wulfrick novel. Those are old news now and both have been covered in depth by other podcasts. It should have been us taking the lead to toot our own horn!

In the end it felt like ‘meh. you guys are on your own.’. I know that’s going to seem very unfair, and I’m not saying that was the intention of the admins/staff, that’s just how it felt. I even went so far as to offer to do all of the behind the scenes updating required, but there was never a response… but I can understand that part at least, they’re not just going to hand out admin privileges to any and all :stuck_out_tongue:

Would love to know what the community thinks, both from the regular visitors as well as from the perspective of the staff and admins. CDO is held in very high regard in the Warhammer hobby community, this just seems like an area that could be grown but we need support at all levels - listeners who are willing to forgive the erratic recording schedule of the show in the past and also staff & admins who will make the show as much a priority as getting word out for the latest issue of WoH. I have no misconceptions that CDR is comparable in importance or quality to WoH, by the way(!!), but that level of support needs to be there IMHO.


P.S. I hasten to add that if the admin and staff are really not happy with how the show was going or there’s some other motive for us being left to our own devices I’m more than willing to be told that we (or I) wasn’t doing a good job and to leave CDR alone for a while. Honestly, I can get over criticism, I just need to hear it so I know where we’re al!! ;)

Hashut’s Blessing:

Ultimately, the problem was mroe that the regular host (myself) and the swiftly-becoming-regular-co-host-Nicodemus, don’t have the permissions that allow such coding as to activate the play button and I lack the knowledge to have removed the “in-post-play” portion of the pretty CDR threads. It is an admin only permission, which is why it required requests.

However, regarding the erratic schedule, I must apologise profusely for the lengthy editing times. I’m still looking into free ways of cutting this down, but you get what you pay for. If I had income, I’d happily pay a one-off amount to ensure this could be done on a strict schedule, but I can’t justify the cost and there are other issues as well.

Lastly, I found that I was getting contradictory requests for what CDR should be about. It was at one point asked that we leave all non-CD-relevant stuff out, which was soon followed by requests to fill in the extra space with non-CD discussion. Regardless, I think a balance needs to be struck - it should have more CD-relevant content than not, but we can’t expect to have a monthly radio show that gives us an hour of CD stuff each time (not yet, at least, anyway). As another point to think about, much of the stuff that we do/could cover is also covered by WoH, which doesn’t have the listening-time limit that we have and is planned out, rather than guided points to discuss freely. On top of all of that, I found the show seriously lacking in volunteers to join in (despite the shiny badge beneath the name :D), which always helps - even if it were having Nicodemus join me as a regular host and we have a guest host on each episode.

Anyhow, it’s all food for thought and I would love to hear people’s opinions on the issues raised. At the end of the day, the show is for you lot and I want it to work in the best possible way for that!


I enjoyed CDR and would love to see it as a true podcast in the future! :slight_smile:

Hashut’s Blessing:

tjub: Could you please tell me what you mean by “a true podcast”, please?


tjub: Could you please tell me what you mean by "a true podcast", please?

Hashut's Blessing
Hehe, so that itunes downloads it and puts it on my ipod with me having to do anything... ;)


I had no idea there was a big issue here. PM me with what needs to be done, I thought the changes mentioned were all capable at mod level and I didn’t want to tread on anyone’s toes. I have no idea what anyone set up in the past so there is going to be a bit of a learning curve for me. I have no idea about doing itunes stuff, I’ve only recently got to a phase where I can regularly listen to podcasts myself.


@cornixt Well I’m not sure there was a problem

@cornixt/tjub it means a lot to know that we have your support.

@HB I certainly wasn’t directing any criticism at you for any of this, so I apologize if that’s how it came across.

All apologies as well if my post read as a big complaint or criticism of the admins, that really wasn’t my intention.  I certainly don’t think it’s all doom and gloom either, but the linking & updating of the files and RSS feeds was and is a stumbling block. The post more stemmed from my experience over the Summer and into the Fall - that there needed to be some additional support from the site… and that we really did need help from CDO admins to make CDR a success, besides just HB and myself doing recordings and finding somewhere to upload the edited file.

The editing stage was really a killer, but I put my my money where my mouth was and purchased the NCH Software Wavepad Suite for sound editing to help speed up the editing process. As far as I’m concerned it’s a donation to CDO. I don’t know how many copies we can have, but if it’s just one then I’ll do the editing of shows that I’m on or I can hand the software and over to someone else and transfer the license if necessary.



I think we turn this over to Swiss our code monkey or if Cornixt wants to head it up. Perhaps we’ll need to talk as to which staffer will be responsible for it.


I think we turn this over to Swiss our code monkey or if Cornixt wants to head it up. Perhaps we'll need to talk as to which staffer will be responsible for it.

Maybe all it will take to smooth things over with setup, etc. will be to have people clearly identified who will take care of these things. I know that will certainly help HB and I with setting things posted.



One thing I’ll add here with regards to the delay getting out the next episode of CDR… is that - holy @&%^ it doesn’t help matters when you record for 90 minutes and then discover that the software locked up in the background less than 2 minutes in to the recording.  

I need a beer.  Too bad the house is dry for the next few months.  @$(

I’ll maybe record it another night once I’ve regained my will to live.  Ack~



Too bad, that sucks dude… :frowning: