[Archive] My K'daii destroyer (wip)



This is my destroyer, two hours of cutting and gluing od soulgrinder from Wh40k. Still work in progress, feel free to comment :wink:

Base is 100x150, chaos dwarf only for size comparison.


Nice take on the Kolloss… I mean K’daai. Never thought of using the Defiler/Soul grinder to make it. It’s a daemonic steampunk nightmare! To me it looks good! Thanks for sharing!


K'daii destroyers are massive constructs fashioned into the form of mighty warriors or iron beasts (...)

Tamurkhan about destroyers


I like this take on it alot. Just looks completely over the top, just how it should be.


I approve! That is amazing! jealous


Looks bad ass! :smiley:

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it’s still work in progress, I need more horns and smoking pipes

anyway feel free for copyrights :hat off


You ought to magnetize it to the base so you can use it for either Fantasy or 40k either way. :wink:


Looks very cool, Barth. One thing I would change however, is to position his left “foot” in the same way you positioned his other one. What I mean by this is that his “heel” should not be touching the ground. The way it is right now, it appears like his left foot is too big, giving a floppy clown-shoe effect. I don’t know how much freedom the pieces give for positioning, but I think it would improve the model. One solution might be to put his right foot on a rock or some-such after angling his left foot a little lower in order to keep the model balanced.

Overall really cool conversion though, and only a minor point to (in my opinion!) make it even better :slight_smile:

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Awesome reinterpretation of the Soulgrinder, and perfectly suitable (i.e. large enough) to portray a K’daii Destroyer. :hat off


Awesomely huge! 40K stuff generally looks to advanced, but this looks like it matches the FW style stuff pretty well.


love it mate, fits in perfectly - all you need to do know if figure how to make an LED light to fit inside the torso to make the bugger glow!


Looks great I had this idea too. I might use a stonehorn or a ghorgon head on a soul grinder body, but I want to either make it into a mechanical centaur (shorten the back body and extend the legs a bit), or perhaps even sit it upon the legs from a dust tactics konigs-luther http://dustgame.com/products_d.php?nid=2&id=206 (the cheaper one not the $250 resin model :wink: )


It’s excellent. I hope you’re going to sculpt some flames here and there on it and maybe add some CD icons. Maybe even a big hat? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Perhaps some scratchings to the claws will make it live up a bit more? Just be careful about the mould lines and it can’t go wrong when painting this beast. Great execution of a good idea. :slight_smile:


I like this one. I’d probably change its head, but it has a lot of potential :slight_smile:


Amazing! My only suggestion would be to tone down the tech where ever possible to make it look as similar to the Engine tech as you can. That might mostly depend on how you paint it.



it's still work in progress, I need more horns and smoking pipes

Yes, more smoke stacks!
If you do so you will have one of the best Kdaii destroyer ever :hat off

Really longing to see it painted!


I refreshing my old thread (and hobby)  :hat off

K’DAII DESTROYER - still work in progress but almost done. I just need to fill some holes with gs and maybe add more spikes :wink:

Slavemaster Hod:

A K’daii destroyer to destroy all other K’daii. I like it.

Fuggit Khan:

Now that is quite the model…and what a great way to update your blog after 5+ years :cheers

Could you please share with us what are all the parts/bits you used?