[Archive] my love life is weird


ever since the 6th grade girls CONSTANTLY ask me out (4-7 times a week)

but only when i have a girlfriend

when i’m single no one will ask me out for a month


Nah, that’s just human nature. Some peeps only want what they can’t have. They look at someone in a relationship and either want that for themselves or try and take it away from you.


Also, being in a relationship makes you seem desirable – if someone else has you, then you must be appealing! Similar to having a job, whereby you seem desirable versus someone wo is unemployed, beggind the question WHY are they unemployed!

What grade are you in now?



(My bad vision is causing me problems and I can’t afford glasses so i failed 9th grade.)

i’m probibly the only 18 year old in the 11th grade


well Ash, women are a wonder. but I agree with grndl and Vex; people always want what they can’t have and people will always think something is good if other people have it. like, I see someone with an ice cream cone, gosh darnit I want an ice cream cone… maybe even theirs if it were a chocolate ice cream cone and hadn’t been licked too much. :wink:

it will come and go in tides. besides, high school is all about dating. post-secondary is even better (says the girl who was pretty much always in a long term relationship) heh.


i’m just glab the girl who finaly askes me out when i’m single is usualy the one who isn’t psyco

key word: usualy

Kera foehunter:

Sorry to here that ash .sad But i also lost a long time boy friend too it suxs.

But 11 grade it time for a change …So you have time now so what are you going to do ??

when it time and the hurt goes away. What do you want in life and go for it !!!

these are some of the best year comming up . So don’t worrie be happy !!!


yeah at the end of the day being in a relationship is only a part of your life, and there are many parts that are sooo much easier without having someone else to think about.


Murphys Law, If you dont want it, it will always be there… Untill you do want it, then its missing!

Girls seem to be very curious when your not looking for them and they get very affectionate if we dont seem interested or not give them lots of attention.

If we dont hunt them… they hunt us.

As a wise old man once said to me… if you go out to the pub to just have fun and pay the shiela’s no attention (which is kinda hard when your single) chances are you will pick up!


good point, but i jkustr got asked out (3 days out of a relationship) for the first time ever

i said no, but it was still cool

Kera foehunter:

Great job !!! See your doing great the first steps are the hardest.Now that you have time build your cd army


i'm probibly the only 18 year old in the 11th grade

That might be why - age = experience = attraction.

My advice - don't get sucked into long term relationships at that age, it rarely ends well. the freedom of youth while you still can. Trust me, life becomes a lot more simple, not to mention fun. My best friend and I both came out of three year relationships not that long ago. Now we're enjoying the many pleasures uni life has to offer. You're only 18 for 365 days you know



wow that’s some good advice

also, nice to see my words influnce people enough to quote in your signature

(you forgot the ‘i’ in my name though)


ever since the 6th grade girls CONSTANTLY ask me out  (4-7 times a week)

but only when i have a girlfriend

when i'm single no one will ask me out for a month

I dont want to seem mean but you really shouldnt comlpain about this take it as a compliment , women want you , not a bad thing.:hat off

zorn sabretooth:

people constantly ask me out to take the mick out of me

Father Grumpmas:

Chaos Dwarfs will get you through times without girls better than girls will get you through times without chaos dwarfs.

:hat off


Wiser words were never uttered on this forum…

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

i’ve just log on and are we somesort of angony aunt