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For tournament players out there this event will be fully covered by Games Workshop and will appear in White Dwarf as well as the Games Workshop Website. This event will gather together the greatest players throughout Ontario and beyond.


- Oakville Battle Bunker

- Warhammer 40,000 August 11th-12th

- Warhammer Fantasy August 25th-26th

- Warpstone Painting Contest August 25th

- Tournament Tickets are $50.00

- Tickets go on sale July 23rd at your local stores and through Direct Services.
My army must be ready for this time! I want my army in a White Dwarf! There are no two ways about it! Either through the painting competition or through having my army in the tournament. This is my goal, my oath!

Lord Darkash:

If i could help i would! but the flights would set me back a bob or 2! Go Xander! Spread the word to the uneducated! :slight_smile:


Haha, I look forward to seeing your great host of Dawi Zharr in WD, finnaly adding something halfway decent to the pages of the once great tome


It might only be in the Canadian White Dwarf, but ya…

Also, my GF is informing me I may be busy that weekend. This complicates matters!

Lord Darkash:

Ah. She who must be obeyed hath spoken then! :frowning: just have to pray to :hashut that all will be well!


Clarification: I (the GF) just reminded him that the Fantasy weekend in August conflicts with an annual cottage event… not that he can’t go to the WH event. He just has to decide if he wants to play WH or eat delicious roasted pig. I’ve told him he can go to the bunker because I know it’ll make him really happy, I’ll enjoy the pig roast with friends :wink:

West Bertozzi:

My cd’s wont be ready, my Brets should show well they usually do. Look me up guys there if you see a checked Bret list it’s mine. I should have my CD stuff for 2000 point battles good to go October ish.

Cheers, West Bertozzi


Big thank you to Xander’s GF (can’t remember her name, I think Xander mentioned once on MSN). Your understanding is appreciated by geeks around the world!:hat off

Right, you have a mission now Xander. Get the to the forge and churn out those miniatures! whipcrack

How much more is left to do currently?


Go Xander Go! Get your beautifully crafted conversions in the magazine that would raise the profile more than any amount of emails,

nice having a understanding gf mines having a baby in three weeks and understands how much painting i have to do to keep sane.

:hat off to you sir


I’d go but I’'m not a tourny person and my army looks horable and that would be humiliating to see my bad stuff there.


Hopefully I can finish my army in time!

In my excitement I completed my Warrior unit tonight! A few colours could use some highlights, namely red, but they are all based and they look coherent enough for me. :slight_smile:

I will try to get some pics up tomorrow! Next on tap I think I will convert 10 more hobgoblins and make some videos for them.

Praise Hashut!


�This is my goal, my oath!

That's awesome!��Oh man I'm getting psyched just from hearing about it!��What happens if a Chaos Dwarf breaks their oath?


The admins and mods tie him down for the forum members to berate and torture :evil

And of course, Hashut demands sacrifice…


Discord coverage has begun, looks like they took some shots of some nice 40K armies…


It looks like my army won’t be done for this though, which is too bad, because it looks like I had a real shot at getting army pics on a GW site!


tbh i dont know if CD have the same thing with oaths, i see them more well able to be deivous than regular dwarves i see them using assaination , bribes,and breaking oathes when it gains them more power or able to get away with it. eep i got caried away on fluff :wink: .

gl dude and hf if you go